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  • young at heart - MSG reaction DANGEROUS

    Please be careful if you are sensitive to MSG. Question? WHy would they put MSG in this anyway when MSG has been virtually removed from processed foods and Chinese food due to so many people suffering from severe adverse effects?

  • Shannon M. Trevithick - Did not disappoint

    Bought this treadmill after much research praising its performance for the price. Took about 2 hours to assemble out of box--all necessary hardware and tools were included. We have been using it for about a month and, so far, it has lived up to all expectations. It starts up smooth, runs relatively quiet, deck is very solid, display is good, and it folds up and down very easily. The remote heart monitor works well, as does the handlebar monitor. Great purchase and was $100 cheaper on Amazon than anywhere else.

  • justaconsumer - great buy!

    This set is an excellent value. The quality far exceeds similarly priced box sets from local big chain stores. They feel great on the course, much better than my old set. Great buy, highly recommended for the beginner who needs a great set for a bargain price. Very happy with my new set.

  • energylightlove - better than steam mop, a must have for busy household

    This Hoover Floormate works wonderfully. There is absolutely no comparison between this floormate and my top of the line steam mop. The floormate is easy to disassemble for easy and sterile clean up. It doesn't have any pockets that hold grime and get yucky over time. My high traffic kitchen is 20x20 armstrong luxury vinyl flooring. I used it to vaccum, wash and dry the floor. It took me about a half an hour to do all 3 steps and it scrubbed my floor cleaner than the steam mop does. The dirty water reservoir reminds you how much cleaner your floor has just become. You won't beleive that your floor was ever that dirty until you use this hoover floormate. I love that.It only needs 2 ounces of cleaner plus warm water and the cleaner has a nice fresh scent. It comes with a 16 oz bottle of cleaner to get you started. ON my 20x20 kitchen, i had to fill the cleaner reservoir twice. However, my floor was pretty dirty. I love that i can use it straight from my vinyl flooring straight onto my wood flooring using the same cleaner. Its pretty amazing. I cleaned in 4 foot sections, washing then drying. The floor dried very quickly, within a couple of minutes after using the dry cycle on the floormate. After use i pulled it apart to clean it out and it was a quick rinse job, seriously no more than 2 minutes to clean the brushes and the reservoirs. I'm highly impressed. My mop, steam cleaners, bona floor cleaner doesn't even do this good of a job. I highly recommend you give it a try. Hoover nailed it with this baby!

  • James w. Estes - The pan worked fine without sticking for about a week then everything started ...

    The pan worked fine without sticking for about a week then everything started sticking. I notified the manufacturer and they have agreed to send a new pan, hopefully I will get my $9.02 shipping reimbursed. They said it must be a defective coating on the pan.

  • Keli Mcclour - 4 cats+ 1 dog + 3 humans= FLEAS

    This product is simply amazing! I will NEVER have another flea problem as long as this stuff is on the market. We had a flea infestation and kept buying expensive bottles of spray. I tried every spray on the market, peppermint oil, salt in the carpet, and night lights with water bowls underneath (that catches some,but not enough). NOTHING worked until this stuff. I highly recommend wearing mask and goggles, even though it doesnt advise you to in the instructions. If you dont have them, they are available for cheap at your local hardware store OR on amazon! While i was brushing it into the carpet I had a box fan blowing on me to keep the dust from suffocating me. The dust makes it a little hard to breath, but it settles very quickly. I kept my animals and kid upstairs while I brushed downstairs. Afterward, I let the animals/kid come down (it was totally safe) while I continued treatment upstairs. The house simply felt cleaner! The fact that we didnt have to get a hotel overnight while I bombed the house or contact an expensive exterminator was a major bonus!! At the risk of sounding like a hokey infomercial: THANKS FLEABUSTERS!!!