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Clinica veterinara non stop | Ambulanta veterinara | SpeedVet - Cabinet veterinar non stop in Bucuresti, ambulanta veterinara ultradotata, farmacie veterinara. Apeleaza oricand la SpeedVet, suntem alaturi de prietenul tau blanos!

  • SpeedVet - Clinica veterinara non stop Bucuresti | Cabinet veterinar - Clinica veterinara non stop in Bucuresti - SpeedVet. Personal pregatit in Olanda si Romania. Avem grija sa ii oferim companionului tau cel mai bun tratament!
  • Ambulanta veterinara| Cabinet veterinar non stop | SpeedVet - Amicul tau blanos are o urgenta? Apeleaza la SpeedVet - Cabinet veterinar non stop. Serviciul de Ambulanta Veterinara - din 2007. Peste 5000 de urgente asistate.
  • Diagnostic Imagistic | Cabinet veterinar non stop | Speedvet - Pentru a asigura cel mai bun tratament companionului tau, iti oferim servicii de diagnostic imagistic. Apeleaza cu incredere la SpeedVet - Cabinet Veterinar non stop!
  • Farmacie veterinara Bucuresti - SpeedVet, cabinet veterinar non stop, iti pune la dispozitie servicii de ambulanta veterinara si farmacie veterinara.
  • Echipa clinicii Speed Vet - Fa cunostinta cu echipa de veterinari de la SpeedVet - Cabinet veterinar non stop
  • Sfaturi veterinar | Cabinet veterinar | Ambulanta veterinara - Preventia este esentiala pentru sanatatea companionului tau. La SpeedVet, cabinet veterinar, avem grija sa iti oferim sfaturi utile pentru a preveni eventuale probleme.
  • Cum Acord Primul Ajutor (Cum Recunosc O Urgenta) - Un scurt instructaj-cum sa faci resuscitarea unui animalut. Intalnim des in serviciul nostru de urgente, situatii citice, unde timpul este decisiv.
  • Doctorul raspunde | Cabinet veterinar non stop | Speedvet - Pentru orice nelamuriri de ordin veterinar, echipa noastra va sta la dispozitie! Poti intotdeauna sa contezi pe Speedvet, cabinet veterinar non stop Bucuresti!
  • Chirurgie - Chirurgii veterinari Speed Vet, cabinet veterinar non stop, sunt pregatiti pentru un numar impresionant de interventii chirurgicale, cu aparatura de ultima generatie.
  • Analize veterinare | Cabinet veterinar non stop | Speedvet - Analizele veterinare sunt esentiale pentru stabilirea unui diagnostic corect pentru companionul dumneavoastra. Va asteptam la SpeedVet, cabinet veterinar non-stop!
  • DVM Adrian Iurcenco - Abilitati: medicina veterinara de urgenta si terapie intensiva, medicina interna, chirurgie. Dupa absolvirea FMVB, timp de un an a lucrat in mai multe…
  • DVM Diana Andreea Badea - Abilitati: imagistica (ecografie, radiologie), medicina interna, medicina de urgenta, chirurgie. Dr. Diana Badea este o fire activa,  contribuind…
  • DVM Tutuneanu Andrei Vlad - Abilitati: medicina de urgenta, ambulanta veterinara, chirurgie, cardiologie. Lucreaza cu noi inca din ultimul an al facultatii (2011) si este pasionat…
  • DVM Laura Teodora Tomescu - Abilitati: oftalmologie, medicina interna, medicina de urgenta Laura este membra a echipei Speedvet de 3 ani, incepand ca student in internship. Ca membra…
  • DVM Robert Lucian Carst - Abilitati: oftalmologie, medicina de urgenta, ambulanta veterinara Robert s-a alaturat echipei Speedvet in ultimul an de facultate, ca student ininternship…
  • DVM Madalina Dobre - Abilitati: Ingrijire medicala clinica de urgenta, monitorizare terapie intensiva, tratamente ambulatorii, investigatii si analize de laborator Membru…
  • DVM Sabina Nechita - Abilitati: ingrijire medicala clinica de urgenta, monitorizare terapie intensiva, investigatii si analize de laborator. Sabina s-a alaturat echipei entuziasta…
  • Loredana Carani - Abilitati: tratament si ingrijire medicala clinica, investigatii si analize laborator. Loredana este studenta in anul 4 in cadrul FMVB si urmeaza…

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    City: 25 , Romania

  • M. Carson - "Works" except for saltwater aftertaste in mouth

    This worked well but it made my next two meals taste like they were prepared with saltwater. I drank some water--saltwater again. Ate some ice cream, more saltwater taste. Hey, this might help me lose some weight! No thanks, saltwater ice cream. Anyway, now I only use it for special occasions when I MUST HAVE excellent breath. Or lightly-salted, otherwise-inoffensive breath.

  • sreenivasulu basabathina - I feel like I am still on clouds

    I got my jeep a month back, I feel like I am still on clouds! I always wanted a jeep, I got 2016 Jeep wrangler unlimited with softtop. It is lot of fun in taking the top on and off. I am more connected to the nature now, since almost 1 month I am not using AC in it.

  • lakesider3 - Phil

    What a talent ey!? An inspirational and motivational sound for any road trip! Recommended for anyone at home or on the road for their mp3 or ipod.

  • JO MO - Works and is an alternative to rx prescription ointments

    I waited to see how this did on skin rashes on skin before leaving a review. I have just recently have had rashes and skin that would itch horribly.

  • ch1ap3t - Great set for a new kitchen

    Several years ago, I purchased this set as a housewarming gift for a friend, who raved about them so much that I ended up buying a set for myself. As an impoverished college student at the time, my selection really came down to the price being right. Fortunately, the knives were right, too. I still use these knives every day, 4.5 years later, often mistreating them, with no ill effects. Now that I'm ready to move on to one of the premiere lines, I will hand these down to a younger sibling, as they still have numerous years of use left in them.