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  • Sandra Knight - Great Product

    I used this on ceramic tile flooring where some tiles were loose or when I walked on them I could feel a loose tipping effect. I drilled the four holes around it and filled as directions said and viola the next day, it felt solid and did not move anymore. Just wish the tube held more. Thanks

  • Bill - Worst quality hose(s) I've ever owned.

    It pains me to write this review but I have to share my experiences with the Flexogen hoses. I've been using them for at least a decade. At first, I loved how they stayed flexible in cooler weather. After a few months the problems began though. I started getting pin sized holes in the hoses. I chalked it up to the rosebush hitting it while I unraveled it. I bought another one and placed it in the backyard where there are no thorny bushes. 6 months later the hose seemed to fall apart from the inside out. It developed a large bulge on the side of it and was ruined. I sent it back to Gilmour and they sent me a replacement.

  • Amazon - This charger is a poor substitute for the original

    This charger is a poor substitute for the original. It worked on my iPhone 5, but you had to forcefully push the cord into the phone. It did not work on the iPad mini.