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  • The benefits of aquatic therapy | SmartHealthToday - By bringing buoyancy into the equation, aquatic therapy reduces stress on the body and benefits clients with a variety of needs.

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  • 49erfaithful - enjoying it

    Love it no complaints! It keeps me busy when there's nothing else to do. Only wish there was a faster way of getting points that way I can purchase better ammo

  • Michael - Great price- puts NITECORE, EAGLE TAC and MANY others on ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have MANY high quality flashlights and compared to a 600 LUMENS this FLASH light is BLINDING- OH I MEANT I still anm seeing a green circle of rings and I did not look directly into this light. I can assure you looking into this light with a fresh battery on high will blind you complelety for four minutes worse than ANY call of duty perk grenades EVERY can on a TV screen! For the price very nice. I cary this flash light in my daily duty EDC bag with one Eagle Tac and one pen light four sevens. I wear a Nitecore Ec 21 horizontally EVERYDAY. This should provide enough LIGHT:)