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  • Kyle Templin - I really like the impact driver and has really changed the way ...

    I really like the impact driver and has really changed the way I drive screws. The hammer drill seems to lack the power I thought it would have.

  • Chocodile - WORKS!!

    Great product! Worked by the second shampoo. My beagle mix was having the worst dandruff. He's allergic to something outside, and it was causing him to have crusty lesions of flaking skin that would come off and leave angry red sores underneath. The vet prescribed an antibiotic which only worked for a short while, so I decided he needed a better solution. This shampoo is it! I'm so happy that he's now relatively itch free and the dander has been clearing up very noticeably since the second shampoo so that there are only a few random flakes left. I've given him four baths, and he has regrown healthy skin where it once used be be red or crusty. Happy beagle, happy life.

  • Brian Curtin - The Elements of Style

    As a published author I rate this book as my bible and would highly recommend it to all who seek perfection. Don't just take my word for it read it and judge for yourself.

  • A. Smith - Nice enough for the price

    They are ok. The casting is a bit rough. They work though. The roll-up is bigger than I thought, but not huge.

  • John A. Knitter - Best on Market Vegan Cream Tattoo

    2 weeks no scabbing & Healed!.Could believe it my self. You won't go wrong here with thus purchase. Vegan or Not!

  • gettothepoint - Buyer Beware!

    I'd like to tell you how this appliance performed as an oven (very enticing in the ads), but I never made it that far. It's made of plastic!! I should have known -- as soon as you turn it on, the whole room reeks of the smell of plastic! I highly doubt it's healthy to breathe, let alone eat whatever gets into the food. Stick with glass and steel. I found a nearly identical product available that is constructed of glass and steel, which works wonderfully.