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  • Joseph J. Martucci - Treated Myself Today! and a Question!

    Well, I did it. Went out and bought the 5 1/2 qt in cherry red. I'm still sitting here looking at it! I already own one piece of Le Creuset, which, together with everyone's comments, enticed me to buy this. Absolutely amazing stuff!

  • klima99 - Don't Leave Home without it

    Out of all the valve oils I've tried this one works the best. Most of the other trumpet players I meet use this brand for their trumpet valves. It's colorless and mostly orderless so it doesn't wreck havoc on your horn like some of the other valve oils do. I also use it on the slides, it doesn't last as long as grease, but it's much cleaner and it works. Highly recommended!

  • J. Hiatt - Daughter loves it!!

    I purchased this for my 12-year-old daughter, and she loves it. It's soft, comfortable, and fits perfectly. She even loves to sleep in it (which I warn her is bad for the bra, but she insists it's just so comfortable). I would definitely purchase another one in any color. It offers a smooth appearance under her t-shirts and other tops, which is a plus! It's a great t-shirt bra! And the price is great, too.

  • A. A. Eheander - My experience is unique and infuriating

    I purchased avast! based on my brother's recommendation; He's a big fan of the interface and the boot scan feature. After downloading the file, I ran into an error message (557) during installation. I tried downloading it again from amazon, and then directly from avast, but kept getting the same error message. Frustrated, I contacted amazon, who sent me to avast. Fast forward a bit, the avast tech is remotely controlling my pc so that he can see the issue for himself. He looked up "critical errors" and things like that on my computer, and concluded that the errors needed to be fixed before avast could be installed. He then said "Do you have any friends or family who are microsoft engineers?" I'm thinking to myself "umm... of coarse not!". So he says "Not a problem! We have a team of microsoft engineers who can fix this issue for you!". They quoted me $180 to fix this issue.

  • C M Anderson - A great novel about trying to find a better life after the great Ireland potato famine.

    Michael Wallace is a novel genius! This is about two Irish girls after the great potato famine in Ireland who board a ship to America to try to make a better life for themselves near the five points of New York. When Maeve O’Reilly's brother fails to find her after the ship's arrival, she teams up with Victoria MacPherson. It occurs to Victoria that they had only been living less than two miles apart most of their lives but never knew it.

  • Bob C. - I promise this novel will more than satisfy the Scott Pratt followers

    I've read all of the Joe Dillard novels and wasn't sure how Scott Pratt would develop a new character. Well, Justice Redeemed was a fabulous story and it shows how creative and the depth the author has. I read it over the Memorial weekend - time well spent. I promise this novel will more than satisfy the Scott Pratt followers. I'm awaiting more please!