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Shelton Farms | Farmer's Market | Organic | Fresh | Healthy | Meat Market - Shelton's Farm Market is located in Niles Michigan. Shelton's provides friendly old fashioned service, simple whole foods including locally grown and organic Fruits and Veggies, Cheeses, Garden Supplies, and the area’s largest full service Meat Market. Not much has changed since we opened in 1959. You will continue to find a smile in every aisle, and values to please your wallets. We still remain the area’s BEST Farmer’s Market (but now we’ve got air conditioning!).

  • Local Produce - Shelton Farms - Since 1947, local produce has been grown on Shelton Farms in SW Michigan. If you've eaten local produce in Michiana, chances are it came from Shelton Farms.
  • Shelton Farms' Meat Market - Shelton Farms - In 1973 Shelton’s added a butcher shop and Meat Market, and the rest is history! Today, Shelton's Meat Market provides Michiana's best Meat Values!
  • Shelton Farms Fresh Healthy Organic Food Selection in Niles MI - Shelton Farms located in Niles Michigan. A wide variety of fresh food. A wide selection of organic and health foods.
  • Our History - Shelton Farms - Ethan and Rose Shelton started Shelton Farms in 1947 when they sold their corner grocery store near Lincoln Park in Chicago and moved their family to Niles.
  • Our Founder - Ethan Shelton - Shelton Farms - Ethan Shelton, the founder of Shelton Farms, will celebrate his 110th Birthday on July 10th, 2013.

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