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  • CaliAmazonia - Lasted 14 days didn't fit great out of the box. I wasn't too surprised that it didn't have the factory "snap" when installed. So we babied it a bit when we put the k-cups in. And then this morning, the needle bent and junked it. I figure 14 days = 30 cups of coffee before failure? And it was babied the whole time? Not good. Definitely not a factory equivalent part. We'll put the second one in, but I sure won't buy it again. Time to look elsewhere.

  • Concerned Citizen - Excellent small flashlight!!

    This little thing is simply amazing!! The amount of light it can put out on it's highest setting is simply unreal! I got mine a few days ago and am obviously very impressed. I also purchased two 16850 rechargeable batteries and a charger. If you are indoors you will probably not need to use anything higher than the second setting (40 lumens), and if you just need enough light to see to walk around the lowest setting (9 lumens) will suffice. The second setting is roughly equivalent to a regular 2 D cell incandescent flashlight, although the beam pattern is much wider and the light is much whiter. The second setting is also about right for being outdoors and say taking the dog for a walk at night or taking the trash out a long dark driveway to the street.