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Scourie Camping Site for scourie caravan, motorhomes and tents - Scourie Camping and Caravan site on the North West Coast in Sutherland For tents, caravans, motorhomes, campervans ideal for north coast 500 touring

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    Country:, North America, US

    City: -111.6133 Utah, United States

  • Raleigh - Need it for the 30 Oz tumbler

    perfect fit and helps for tumbler so large I cannot get my hand around it one handed when full and carry briefcase; holds an entire tea pot, and keeps hot tea from house hot on my desk till lunch time

  • R. Knott - Just like Rock and Roll - inherently flawed masterpiece

    As a depressed, immature, drug-addicted teenager, nothing spoke to me quite like the manipulative lyrics of "The Wall." As a happy, relatively mature, sober adult, they readily reveal themselves to be less profound than originally thought. That being said, I have spent more money on this album and the film companion than any other single work of music (and this includes a recording of Berlioz's "Damnation of Faust" on which I appear). I have owned it on vinyl, cassette, CD (twice - after one copy was stolen from my car), and the film on VHS and DVD. Why do I keep going back? Two reasons: no matter how confused I think some of the lyrics are now, there is no denying the soul poured into them; and this album is undeniably an essential work in defining the (albeit flawed - much like this album) history of rock and roll in all its self-indulgent glory. Students will be listening to this album 200 years from now (if we still exist on the planet), and despite our short-sighted present day society, that says something.

  • Mark Suhovecky - Worjs just fine

    I found this very easy to use, and it came with all The connectors/cables I needed. I use it in my car, plugged into the aux Jack, to wirelessly stream tunes from my Android phone. I like that I can charge it while it's In use.

  • Reviewer's Name - Don't waste your money

    Putting it together was a two adult, two hour job because of the difficulty of lining up and then tightening the numerous very small nuts and bolts. Moreover, it was impossible to fully tighten some bolts with the result being movement/slippage of the arms causing erratic movement of the robot. My grandson had to have this because of T.V. commercials that made it seem that the robot could do more than it actually can. Don't waste your money. P.S. I made a robot from scratch with my erector set some sixty years ago in less time than it took my daughter and I to assemble this toy, and the experience and resulting pleasure from playing with it were excellent. I would much rather see a toy, unlike Meccano, for which the assembly can be done by the intended user.

  • Bemcdermotts - It does the trick.

    While I enjoy a cold beer as much as the next person I really enjoyed this product. I have ever found that in fact keeping the Coozie in the fridge too can help sustain the long lasting temp of this coozie. I really like the durability of this product. I also like the weight. It feels right with a nice Cold can of brew in it. It really does the trick. My husband loves it a lot and he is a regular beer drinker. I think this is a great gift for the beer drinker in your life. I know exactly what I'm getting the guys for the holidays!

  • Elena W - Works very well

    This cream does a good job at keeping my skin hydrated which helps reduce the appearance of my acne scars. It also helps to quickly heal up any new marks that I get preventing them from becoming scars. Most of my acne scars are about 15 years old so I expect this cream will take a while to completely get rid of what is left. I do notice it improving slowly which hasn't happened with other creams I have tried. I use this at night and occasionally in the morning but I find that it leaves my skin feeling a bit tacky for a while which I don't really like. I have also noticed an improvement in my acne but I think that is because of the hydrating effect of the cream.

  • Christine - Kava Poisoning!!!

    Cheap cut of Kava. I just came away from using a bottle of Gaia caps and was satisfied with the purchase. Took them for 4 days and ended up feeling severe nausea, headaches, lethargy and low mood. It was the equivalent of being very hung over on hard cheap alcohol even flu like symptoms like fever. I could not leave my bed the first three days and it isn't until my mother prompted me that I began to do some research of Kava and discovered there are at least 8 different alkaloids that mess around with your brain besides kavatones, including trace MAOIs. This stuff is highly dangerous to anyone on prescription medications. My advice is to not cut corners with this herb and buy the purified stuff from Gaia and use in moderation. It's more than 24 hours since my last dose and I still cannot. Another night of just water for me thanks to this low-grade product. I am usually pleased with the NOW brand but this was an overtly low quality product. Sensitive stomachs probably better off with some Valerian.