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Scialli Consulting – Specializing in reproductive and developmental toxicology and in obstetrics and gynecology. - Dr. Scialli is a specialist in reproductive and developmental toxicology and in obstetrics and gynecology.

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  • rocky wong - DOCSIS Speed.0

    I use this to replace my old SB5120 which has been awesome but after talking to a Cox Communications Rep they are saying that in the near future these will not be supported or may not work anymore. So I bought the newest I could find. I have read a lot of reviews on the SB6120 and not too many on this one so since it was new and I decided to try it.

  • Colin J - On No MoJo

    These are my favorite golf balls. I have always used them. There is no really rhyme or reason why these are my favorite in terms of distance or accuracy or flight or anything like that. I am pretty new to golf so I cannot really control shots like that. I just like the name MoJo so I have always bought these balls. Ever since I found one on a course and my first shot with it was about 3 inches away from a hole in one. Saw it as good "mojo".

  • Laci - I'm definitely feeling better & can't wait to see the end result after ...

    I used this in conjunction with natures answer black walnut & wormwood complex, as the first phase in a 7 part total body cleansing regimen I'm doing.

  • Barbara Ann - Magical

    My husband and I just had our first night on our new Yogabed and we both absolutely love it. It is the perfect balance of soft and firm. We both like that is is not so soft you sink into it like other foam beds. It relives all the pressure points and seems to customize to your body. It also sleeps cool which is great for the warm summer nights here. The pillows are magical as well. THANK YOU YOGABED!!! I'm currently convincing my parents to get one and will probably get a twin for our sons room.

  • Vern. - Dummies made Smarter

    Because it's easy to read without a lot of computer jargon. It takes a person through the steps in an orderly process.

  • Amazon Customer - Low on mystery and suspense, but filled with the usual fun characters

    There's not much challenge to be had in An Obvious Fact for Walt and his supporting cast. There are bad guys, but they never have a chance. There are mysterious events, but they're not happening to anybody we care about. That all sounds bad, but the characters save the book. If you view the book simply as a vessel for delivering entertaining interactions between some of the best characters in the genre, the book is a success. These characters are great fun to read about, even when they're not breaking a sweat.

  • Robyn Elam - Best product to use for bad-looking or even infection under the nail toenails!

    Ten years ago I went to a podiatrist for yellow-colored and bad toe nails. I figured out when you're pregnant and have three babies in a row, you have to take more calcium than just what is in the prenatal vitamin (at least 25 years ago now). I have to supplement my own multi-vitamin today with calcium. Anyway I filled the prescription for the medication that you have to get a liver test for first. All nails cleared up except the worst looking one (my big right toenail). I wasn't allowed another prescription even just six months when I went to my new doctor because of the harm it could do to the liver. I tried suggested Vicks and other home remedies. Nothing worked. I bought this product because it was on sale. NOW, the mistake I made was starting to use this product in the winter months. You can't wear socks. The product has to be allowed to dry. But for me that was fine. I just wore a bandaid when I went to my part-time job and took it off when I got home. Well, eventually, the entire nail came off. I couldn't even cover the nail with nail polish because after a few days the nail would peel off. The infection was gross! So I had to start all over with no nail on the toe. Followed the directions exactly this time and I happy to report that I am confident in just a couple of more months I will have a healthy nail. THIS IS WITHOUT A DOUBT THE BEST PRODUCT YOU CAN USE FOR BAD-LOOKING TOENAILS. Good Luck!