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  • Surfside Dave - Fantastic economical countertop upgrade

    Our existing countertops were built in place 25 years ago. Removing them would have turned into a complete kitchen remodeling job. My wife is VERY pleased with the results. The old laminate seams were completely covered by the base coat. This coverage gives the monolithic appearance we wanted. The clear epoxy top coat is glossy with a slight but uniform orange peel surface. We like the look and feel of the final results. The entire project was time consuming, but if you follow the steps contained in the supplied dvd and booklet, anyone can do it. We saved many dollars. Thank you Rustoleum.

  • AlphaDecember - OMG! NOMZ! A true Get out of work free card!

    As a married man with a 2-year old, I highly value my time on the crapper. The simple joy of making a #2 allows me temporary respite from the incessant questions posed to me: "Yes that's right, cows sometimes ARE brown."; "No, pingpong balls do not grow into pingpong trees"; "No, the bathtub is not full of 'poop dog water'"; "Yes, I know the sink is broken, no I can't fix it, I know nothing about plumbing"; "Yes, I KNOW your mom is coming to visit and our house is a dump."; and the list does on.

  • busy mom - only thing that has worked for me - ever!

    I never diet and never buy weight loss books. A friend told me about this book so I bought it and I love it! It seems more like a cook book than a diet book and the recipes are so easy to do and the food is great. I feel really healthy (more energy for sure) and I am definitely losing baby weight around my middle. It is so easy to use too because I just leave it out on the kitchen counter and get meal planning ideas. It is all recipes we already like to eat but without the bad stuff.

  • Daniel L. Simmons - Not the same product

    I have bought this product before from the manufacturer. I have taken it for 10 days. I feel no effect. not the same as when I have taken it before. Before I felt a big change and I feel no change with this one. The last time I tried Ageless male was direct from the manufacturer and it was in cap form, these are a pressed pill. The pills are broken and dont seem like the same product. Not recommended