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Austin Compounding Pharmacy - Austin Compounding Pharmacy/Apothecary Shop - Austin Compounding Pharmacy is a local pharmacy in Austin here to serve all of you and your family’s health needs.

  • About Our Pharmacy - Austin Compounding Pharmacy/Apothecary Shop - Under Tom's direction, Apothecary Shop pharmacy specializes in compounding bio-identical hormones, pain medications, veterinary medications, and cosmeceuticals.
  • Pharmacy Services - Austin Compounding Pharmacy/Apothecary Shop - Check out the Austin Compounding Pharmacy health services and let us help you today!
  • Compounding Services - Austin Compounding Pharmacy/Apothecary Shop - Compounding provides an innovative way for pharmacists to customize medications to fit the needs of their patients.
  • Health News - Austin Compounding Pharmacy/Apothecary Shop - Austin Compounding Pharmacy provides it's patients the most up-to-date health news and medication information.
  • We’re Mobile! - Austin Compounding Pharmacy/Apothecary Shop - The Austin Compounding Pharmacy mobile app allows you to refill prescriptions on-the-go, receive health news alerts, and contact our pharmacy at a touch of a button.

    Country:, North America, US

    City: -98.3987 Texas, United States

  • Zampano - Educational and Fun!

    Thank you Playmobil for allowing me to teach my 5-year old the importance of recognizing what a failing bureaucracy in a ever growing fascist state looks like. Sometimes it's a hard lesson for kids to learn because not all pigs carry billy clubs and wear body armor. I applaud the people who created this toy for finally being hip to our changing times. Little children need to be aware that not all smiling faces and uniforms are friendly. I noticed that my child is now more interested in current events. Just the other day he asked me why we had to forfeit so much of our liberties and personal freedoms and I had to answer "well, it's because the terrorists have already won". Yes, they have won.

  • Bes Ga. - Great item but not the real thing

    I used to buy this item at a local pharmacy near my house and i loved it. The results were simply amazing. Then they stipped carrying it so i started searching for it online. I dont think this is the real product as it does not even compare to the one i was buying in the store. This seems to be watered down and gives absolutely no effect. The one i would buy in store had a much stronger taste and shpwed immediate results. My nails were super strong and my hair started growing at an incredible pace. No results with this item at all.

  • Subject28 - great product

    product was as described, very please with it. easy instructions and installation. would recommend to a friend or family. I installed it when I install by fender eliminator now my cbr has a little more attitude! love it!

  • Jaz's mom - Good product

    I bought this along with some Garcinia Cambogia because I saw somewhere that together they help you loose weight. I Did not take the Garcinia like I was supposed to but I can tell you that whenever I take these colon cleanse capsules I use the bathroom more than once a day and normally I can go more than a week without using it. So I guess these do their job

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  • M. Dee Medley - amazing

    THe produce claims to begin to work within a couple of weeks, but I found that there is improvement almost instantly. I will keep using it.

  • bongor - It works!

    This is a nice light cream, and more importantly, it works. I am a biting bug magnet. Anything even thinking about biting will find me. This product has a pleasant mild fragrance and some moisterizer. My only complaint is that it doesn't come in larger amounts and it would be great if they could make it a little more sweat and water proof. This size is great for traveling but at home, we'd like to have a larger dispenser. And since we're in the water a lot, we'd like not to have to apply it so often. But all in all, if you're bugged by biting bugs, try this out. You'll like it.