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Riu Caribe Resort - All Inclusive 24 hours – Riu Caribe Resort Specials - Riu Caribe Resort - All Inclusive 24 hours - Call Toll Free: 1(888)774-0040 or Book Online

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City: -84.3858 Georgia, United States

  • jak98 - great deal

    Item was exactly what I needed. Arrived qucikly and easily set it for my car at the dealer. Saved $50 over what Nissan wanted.

  • Casey - Stinger SUPER FAIL both products

    First did the 7 day stinger pill FULL detoxify supposed to be toxin free after 7 days... was not... Then went and got the extra strength instant drink... did directions to a T .... Failed another home test after says wait 90min i waited an extra 30 just to be sure... failed again... tested myself an hour and half later and still failed... so after 7 days of their stinger detoxify NO TOXINS at all i even had 2 stinger pills left over from the first time i bought it and never had to take the test...

  • Heidi D - We like the forehead better than the ear because my kids ...

    We just received the thermometer in the mail, as I was on the way to take 2 sick kids to the Dr. Needless to say I was able to put it in to action right away. Works perfectly right out of the box, so simple to use and to understand. We like the forehead better than the ear because my kids don't like anything in their ears when they don't feel well. Works great for us. Definitely would recommend.

  • BrittanyB. - They always break!!!

    This is the fifth one I've gotten. It totally busts after two months. I want to be clear, this has NOTHING TO DO WITH THE SELLER, as I have gone out of my way to purchase these from various stores and online sellers. This product is just cheap. I will say, it does it's job, while it works. It does not completely remove the hair, so there is some stubble, but it's perfect for touch ups. Too bad it doesn't last longer than 8 weeks. And no, it isn't the battery. The light comes on but the little razors or whatever you want to call them simply stop working.

  • R. Baker - Computer CRASH!

    I installed PC-Matic a year and a half ago. It seemed to work but I began to get lock-ups and had to shut down and re-boot. The next thing my computer completely crashed and I lost all my programs, some not replacable. I had backed up most of the data. I did not renew my subscription when it expired, but they took full payment from my credit card. They promised me a refund withing about eight days. That was two months ago and I still have not received the refund. When I try to contact them I get a message that the web-site was not available. I guess it is now just an expensive lesson to learn. I've tried everything I know to get my refund, but no success. I've been a long time customer of Amazon. Maybe they could help me. This is a AWFUL COMPANY! (PC-Matic) If people love it, I wish them good luck. R. Baker

  • RGill - Annoying answer choices

    The book is ok. What I find annoying is that the answer choices for practice questions are not marked as A. B. C. etc but when you look for correct answer in the answer key sections, they are marked as A. B. C. etc. It is very inconvenient.