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Ridgefield Visiting Nurse Association - For a century, Ridgefield Visiting Nurse Association (RVNA) has provided home healthcare and community wellness services to thousands of Ridgefield area residents - from newborns to the elderly.

  • Nutrition Programs - Ridgefield Visiting Nurse Association - Nutrition Education - Meg Whitbeck, MS, RDN, offers nutrition classes, one-on-one counseling and small group programs to help you make lifestyle changes.
  • Center for Exceptional Care - Ridgefield Visiting Nurse Association - Center for Exceptional Care is a unique healthcare facility providing clinic-based care and education.
  • Employment - Ridgefield Visiting Nurse Association - Employment opportunities at RVNA. Working with patients in their homes is one of the most fulfilling - and fastest growing - careers in healthcare today.

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  • Reynolds - Needed a re-write.

    I don't agree w these other reviews, this book was a huge disappointment after the previous two gems. The other two books had good pacing, a good ending to both of them, funny characters, (the crab, the mole) a morale to the stories. This book had none of that.

  • K. Vaughan - Sound Sleep

    I was so excited when I received this book in the mail! Having been at two different Longevity Conference seminars that featured products invented by Clint Ober, I am happy to now have research data on earthing to share with family and friends in one book. Inflammation is surely the cause of my father's as-yet-undiagnosable stomach disorders, as well as my mom's fibromyalgia. It makes perfect sense that there is an electrical component to these problems, when inflammation = heat. I, myself have been sleeping soundly on the grounding sheets I bought in March. Such an amazing book!

  • Bob Cook - An Excellent Tool Bridging Ho-hum CAD and difficult/expensive graphics packages

    I started using Smartdraw shortly after the now defunct Micrografx discontinued Windows Draw! I am also a veteran chemical engineer well versed in the use of CAD packages. Smartdraw beautifully bridges the vast void that exists between expensive CAD packages typically used to produce abstract vector-based process drawings and the high-end raster graphics packages more typical of illustrations and graphics.

  • Joern Kasseck - happy with this projector

    I have to say, this really took me back. Using this projector reminded me of the ones we used in school for slideshows and movies, except this is more modern and up-to-date. It makes me happy to see that the projector has survived the test of time and can still be just as cool and relevant today. Using this is unbelievably easy. From using my phone, and kindle, to hooking it up to my aunt's laptop it all works together without effort. I can put the usb cable in, the av, or hdmi cable and choose on the screen which input and it instantly projects against the wall. You can also put in an SD card but I've yet to have use for that.

  • TReNo - GOAT

    These are the illest pair of glasses I ever had, I have been rocking Versace sunglasses for a minute, theses right hear are the best I had and seen. Everywhere I go people compliment me on them. They look great feel great and fit me perfectly!

  • marolyn romero-sim - Great sound

    They work great! The only thing that would of made them any better would be to mark a left and a right.