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Categories - Sports Injury and Running specialists - Supports and Braces, Taping and Strapping, Insoles, Wobble Balance Board - Any injury is frustrating so let Return2fitness help you with your recovery and rehab. From Ice Packs and gel packs for initial relief to braces, supports, rehab bands and wobble boards to get you back to full fitness.

  • Register for account - Return2fitness sell specially selected sports medical and rehabilitation products and discount running shoes including supports, braces, sorbothane insoles, LP supports, McDavid Supports, Inversion Therapy, zinc oxide strapping tape and more.
  • Knee Supports and Knee Braces - Let us help direct you towards the best knee support for your injury. From a compressive knee sleeve for ongoing little niggles to a geared hinged knee brace for instability and ligament damage and recovery as well as knee braces for everyday arthritis.
  • Elbow Supports - Tennis Elbow Braces - Elbow supports from a compressive sleeve to epicondylitis straps for Tennis or Golfers Elbow. Remove the pressure for immediate relief. Fantastic customer service helpline for any advice required.
  • Compression for Calf Muscles and Shin Splint Supports - Specialist Shin and calf supports. Compressive and warmth retention for the calf muscle or for assisting with shin splints. See our article pages for advice on Shin Splints
  • Back Supports and Back Braces - Back supports, wraparound back braces and lumbar supports available to buy online at Fast UK dispatch.
  • Ankle Supports - Ankle Braces - Expert advice available - A huge range of specialist ankle supports and ankle braces - ankle brace guide. Fast delivery with expert advice.
  • Thigh Supports and Groin Supports - Thigh supports, compression wraps for hamstring, groin and thigh injuries. Expert advice and fast UK dispatch.
  • Wrist Braces and Wrist Supports - Best prices and fast dispatch - Large range of wrist supports, splints, wrist braces and wrist wraps to help treat carpel tunnel, wrist injuries and pain. Fast UK dispatch and Free expert advice.
  • Shoulder Supports and Shoulder Braces - Best prices and fast Uk dispatch - Specialist shoulder supports and shoulder braces by McDavid and LP Support. Fast UK dispatch and free expert advice.
  • Finger and Thumb Splints and Supports - Skiers Thumb? Mallet Finger? We stock a wide range of finger supports, thumb splints, thumb braces and mallet finger splints. Fast UK dispatch and great advice on the phone to aid your choice.
  • Supports and Braces - Huge range of supports and braces for treating and preventing injuries including Knee Supports, Wrist Braces, Back Supports and associated items for a complete recovery.
  • Resistance bands - Exercises Bands - Theraband - An extensive range of progressive rehabilitation and resistance bands for building strength up after injury. Fast UK delivery, different sizes and resistances available.
  • Calf Stretcher - Foot Stretcher - Wobble Boards - Balance Boards - Calf stretchers, foot stretchers and wobble boards - best prices and fast dispatch - aids in the treatment of achilles injuries, calf strain and other lower leg injuries.
  • Inversion Tables - Teeter Hangups Inversion Therapy products - Inversion tables and Inversion therapy products - Teeter Hangups are the highest quality inversion products available.
  • Rehabilitation and fitness equipment - low prices and fast UK dispatch - Buy Rehabilitation & fitness products from Return2fitness we have a large selection of wobble boards, rehab bands and gym balls available for next day delivery.
  • Cold packs & Wraps, Instant Ice packs, hot and cold - Huge range of hot and cold packs and wraps, instant ice packs, compression ice wraps for knee, shoulder and other specific limbs with fast efficient delivery.
  • Cold Gels and Freeze Spay - Biofreeze cold therapy pain relief gel. An excellent cold therapy gel that reduces pain and inflammation. Freeze sprays for handy instant relief while out and about.
  • Instant Ice Packs - Instant Cold Packs - Instant ice packs. Ideal for emergency first aid and pitch side cold therapy. Reusable Cold Gel Packs available with wraps and sleeves.
  • Heat Rubs & Heat Sprays - Warmth is an ideal pain reliever for aches, pains and niggles that are long term or on-going. Rubs and sprays for the relief of arthritis, lumbago, rheumatism and general aches.
  • Hot and Cold Therapy Treatment - An extensive range of Cold Therapy treatments including reusable cold wraps and packs, ice bags,instant ice packs and more. Fast UK Delivery
  • Elastic Tubular, Crepe, Conforming Cotton Bandages - Elasticated Tubular Bandage provide support and compression following soft tissue injuries, dislocations and sprains. Reduces swelling and assists circulation of blood to aid in the dispersal of swelling that does collect.
  • Cohesive Bandages - Lowest prices - Cohesive Bandage or Rip Tape for applying dressings or Ice Packs to injuries. Use as an underwrap for other taping applications. Great range of strapping and taping supplies.

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    Not sure if this product is the real thing. There were several spelling mistakes on the back of the label. Made me think it was not the actual product. Be careful buying this...

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