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High Cholesterol Treatment | Lower LDL | Repatha® (evolocumab) - Repatha® (evolocumab) is used along with diet & maximally tolerated statin for high LDL cholesterol.

  • What is Repatha®? How Repatha® Works Differently than Statins - See how Repatha® (evolocumab) works differently than a statin to lower LDL cholesterol.
  • LDL Results with Repatha® | Repatha® - Repatha® helps lower LDL cholesterol in people with plaque-related heart or blood vessel problems.
  • Repatha® Significantly Lowers Inherited High Cholesterol | HeFH - See how Repatha® lowers inherited high LDL cholesterol: Heterozygous familial hypercholesterolemia (HeFH) when added to diet and a maximally tolerated statin.
  • How to Stay on Repatha® as Prescribed | Repatha® (evolocumab) - Stay on the path to Lower LDL with Repatha®. Sign up for reminders, view storage tips & get personalized support.
  • Insurance Coverage, Financial Options & FAQs | Repatha® (evolocumab) - Find ways to get help paying for Repatha® (evolocumab). View financial options that can help.
  • RepathaReady™ Patient Assistance & Support Services | Repatha® (evolocumab) - Resources for treating your high LDL cholesterol with Repatha® (evolocumab), RepathaReady™ offers personalized support services. Learn more here.
  • Repatha® (evolocumab) Patient Resources | RepathaReady™ & Copay Card - Register for RepathaReady™, a personalized patient services program, or sign up to receive educational updates and tips on cholesterol management and information about Repatha®
  • What is High LDL (Bad) Cholesterol? Facts & Causes | Repatha® (evolocumab) - View more information about the causes of high LDL and how high LDL can build up in the wall of your arteries and form plaque.
  • Ask your Doctor how Repatha® can help Lower LDL | Repatha® (evolocumab) - Talk to your doctor to see if Repatha® can help you lower your LDL. Download the guide & fact sheet.
  • Diet & Physical Activity Tips to Lower Cholesterol - Staying active and eating healthy foods can help lower your LDL. View these tips to help lower cholesterol.

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