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Provet SA Home - PROVET - PROVET SA is the only company in Greece that produces veterinary pharmaceutical products and one of the biggest companies in the sector of distribution of veterinary pharmaceutical products, nutritional products for livestock, pet food and accessories, as well as clinic equipment.

  • Facilities - PROVET - Ιn an area totaling 25,500m2 of space in Aspropirgos (Attica), are located the central offices, the production plant, the logistics center and the la...
  • Services - PROVET - Provet services include amongst others, Logistics, Regulatory Affairs, GLP and R and D.
  • Careers - PROVET - Would you like to be part of our team and to contribute in the achievement of the corporate goals?
  • Certifications - PROVET - Protection of the environment, Health and Safety, Animal protection are our first priorities
  • Animal Health - PROVET - production, import and distribution of veterinary pharmaceuticals, nutritional products and genetic material (sperm)
  • Pet Food & Accessories - PROVET - supply, distribution and promotion of pet feed & accessories for companion animals
  • PROVET International - PROVET - PROVET's International Business Unit is focused on worldwide exports of own made Veterinary Medicinal Products, pharmaceutical premixes, nutritional products, pet food and accessories.
  • Research & Development - PROVET - PROVET's RnD and GLP units bring innovative solutions to problems. To ensured quality standards, PROVET has established an independent Quality Control and Assurance Department and follows GMP and ISO 9001:2008.
  • PROMIVET - PROVET - Ktiniatriki Promitheftiki S.A. is specialized in the supply of modern equipment to veterinary practices as well as the supply of consumables and surgical equipment.
  • Veterinary Pharmaceuticals and more - PROVET - PROVET is the exclusive distributor of leading veterinary companies, whilst in its state-of-the-art production lines, a great variety of veterinary p...
  • Dog - PROVET - Nowadays, in approximately 1.000.000 Greek homes is a special and beloved family member - the pet dog. These animals offer endless love and affection...
  • Cat - PROVET - Throughout the history of human civilization, cats have always been a beloved pet to humans, offering their unique companion and endless devotion. The...
  • Bees - PROVET - Bees constitute one of the major factors in the circle of life. They offer valuable products to humans, such as honey, royal jelly, pollen, propolis,...
  • Cattle - PROVET - Cattle milk and meat production is a financial activity that requires investments on healthy animals with high genetic merit and productivity. Reprodu...
  • Horse - PROVET - Horses are animals with unique beauty and strength that require a very high level of care. In Greece, although their number is quite low, they are ver...
  • Pigs - PROVET - Pig production is constantly changing in Greece as well as internationally, influenced by the trend for greater production and meeting demand within a...
  • Birds - PROVET - The poultry industry in Greece is one of the most developed and organized fields of primary production. With the existing expertise and infrastructure...
  • Sheep & Goats - PROVET - Sheep and goats rearing is an activity of vital importance in Greece. These animals are making productive vast areas in which no other activity can be...
  • Pet Food & Accessories - PROVET - PET FOOD Dog Food Wet food Dry food for mini breeds for medium breeds for large breeds all dog food Cat Food Wet food Dry food for kitten for adult ca...

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