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Omnia - Chemicals - Omnia Group, Bulk mining explosives, Electronic detonator, Emulsion explosive, Delta Caps, Underground pumpable emulsion

Country:, Africa, ZA

City: 28.1406 Gauteng, South Africa

  • Kathleen Sprague - Boring but needed

    I run out of check registers because I pay most of my bills on line so don't order checks often enuf to get the registers they sent with the checks. One thing I didn't realized when I ordered is they were selling 4 registers in a set. I need 2 so ordered 5 in order to have extras. Ended up with 20! But, Lord willing I'll live long enuf to use them all.

  • Stephen P. - ... this as a dance and overnight bag and it's perfect. This design is great

    My daughter uses this as a dance and overnight bag and it's perfect. This design is great....charcoal gray with white dots. I've considered getting one for myself! Love it! Posted by Mom.

  • Spikeonline - Did not do any good at all.

    Did no good whatsoever. I had what I think was originally one mouse in my rv. I put all these packets in the rv with fans blowing the scent around. Didn't drive the mouse away and a week later I ended up with 6 mice I had to remove with sticky traps. Blech.

  • Comic Hound - Waste of time.

    Contrived, long winded, kinda narcissistic. It should be renamed, "A Hottopic shopper's celebration, of their unique mediocrity-umentray". I gave it a try and i found myself cleaning the garage shortly after starting the video.