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  • PhoenixHrt - What can I say but I received my first copy ...

    What can I say but I received my first copy as a gift from my son and have been buying my own for 5 years. Use one coupon for bogo meals and you have almost all your money back depending on buffet/restraint I use my coupons in Vegas. Info about casinos all over the USA not all casinos give coupons. But Vegas has them for a lot of different ones including ones for table games. Worth the money.

  • Sarah S - Straps are just too short

    I like this bag--it's durable and comes in an array of patterns, making it easy to find one that suits my taste. That being said, the cross body strap is way too short. I realize this bag is a traditional-style messenger bag in that it is intended to be worn very close to the body, but I didn't realize how close. It would have been nice to have a longer strap with the option to shorten it as necessary. I generally like my bags to hang at my hip or lower, but this bag hangs at above waist level. I'm sure I will eventually adjust, but for the time being it feels awkward. Because I am using this as a camera bag (with the added Timbuk2 camera padding insert), I don't like the idea of pushing the bag to hang on my back at an angle. While I trust that the velcro and buckles will prevent items from falling out, I don't want to risk it or to carry my camera where I can't see it. I'm still going back and forth over whether or not I want to keep the bag; the strap situation is a bit of a let down.

  • Excellent. Easy to read. Much helpful information. - Excellent. Easy to read. Much helpful information.

    Mr. Landis has succeeded in making a very complicated subject comprehensible to the average reader. All my questions about how the system works were answered. I appreciated the fact that Mr. Landis was employed by the Social Security Administration for many years and was able to give an insider's account of procedures and benefits. Many thanks for this very helpful book!

  • M Janssen - The Zhou Calm Now capsules worked for me like a charm

    The Zhou Calm Now capsules worked for me like a charm. I was surprised to try a pill to help with anxiety and stress but it work!! The vegetable capsules are used to decrease stress and anxiety. The capsules contain a lot of other vitamins in them too which is a plus. The contains- B1,2,5,6, niacin, calcium, magnesium, zinc, and potassium. I do not take a multi-vitamin and this is a great way for me to get other vitamins - which I have also noticed a different. I was eating more bananas for potassium and now taking this tablet I don’t have to eat as many which is a plus. I am also not a milk drinker and now I have been able to get calcium with taking the Calm Now. The bottle comes with 60 capsules and you should take 2 per day. I started with 1 per day and now taking 2 capsules per day. I notice that I fall asleep easier - I think because the product is working and my mind is not racing before I go to bed. Depending on how much anxiety you have - i think would depend on the capsules working for you. I am pleased that they are working for me. The capsules are slightly large in size but I was still able to swallow without a problem. I also think they kinda smell like ice tea to me but not too strong.

  • Ruby - amazing!!

    I had an antique claw foot bathtub with lots of rust discoloration, lime scale and real fine spider cracks in the enamel. I cleaned and prepared tub as specified and removed all metal fixtures and drain ring. Then applied the mixture. It goes on thin and dries rather quickly. Apply your second coat within hours!! I let it set over night and then applied the third and fourth coat. The results are amazing! A shiny bright white enamel coated tub. My tub is 5 foot at the base.. and 5 foot 10 inches from top rim to rim. I bought two boxes and have applied four coats inside and out, top to bottom, including the feet, front and back. I have about 1/3 of a can left over for touch ups. It seems to keep very well in the can resealed.