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    Country:, Asia, SG

    City: 103.8565 Central Singapore Community Development Council, Singapore

  • Lamare White - I really wanted to like this one

    I really wanted to like this one. It had a unique spin on the popular dragon shifter stories. Unfortunately, it fell into many of the cliches so many stories do.

  • Marc S. - I hate hate HATE the Yearly fee to use your own software....gave up on this product long ago.

    I do not like having to pay a yearly fee to use my own software. Slows down your computer and is a huge memory hog. I quit using it long ago. I use click and clean chrome extension, super anti spyware and malware bytes instead.

  • EmmaSueND - Excellent, but...

    Rick Steves' really writes the best travel books and this is clearly one of his most comprehensive. If you are planning to visit every corner of Italy, I guarantee he's got you covered. And if you're making a whirlwind trip thru the major cities, he has some amazing recommendations. My only gripe is that, despite being very detailed in some ways (do I really need to know hotel options in every little town??), you're better off reading his Pocket Guides (for Rome, Venice, and Florence) if you are making the latter kind of trip. I wound up buying all three of those in order to have access to the City Walks, which I wish were a part of this book. Then, because I had already read thru those books, a lot of the info in this one was redundant. Just seems like the content could be better balanced/more weighted towards the most visited locations.

  • HuffmanFamilyof4 - Great fo your seals

    I bought this because it was recommended from Scotty Kilmer(videos on youtube) and it did just what he said it would do. would recommend to all my friends

  • Jim8120 - VideoHound is the Bible of Movie Reviews and Information!

    VideoHound is the bible of movie reviews and information. I have been getting It for the past twenty years. It has everything you ever wanted to know. It has almost 2000 pages of reviews, cast index, director index, writer index, etc. If you are a movie buff like me, this is the one to get. I highly recommend VideoHound's Golden Movie Retriever 2015 to all movie fans! It is a must have!

  • optimizz - you can't escape it once you are signed up

    I found it difficult to use, especially the part designed to protect financial websites. it sends you to another place altogether to pay your bills. It is difficult to figure out how to allow new programs that I want to add. And worst of all, it is deliberately designed to keep you once you sign up. The customer service number is not free and they tell you up front to expect a 10 minute delay or more. Checking the "do not renew" button does nothing and they send the renewal through the bank before the old subscription is up - at the full price I might add. It does nothing for spam (maybe it is not supposed to) Little messages pop up when you least expect them telling you that you have a virus. They sit there and blink in the corner of your screen. You have to manually deal with it on your own. Other ant-virus software at least quarantined them until I could check them. This program makes you stop right then to deal with them. I can find NOIHING that I like about this software.