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Vitajte | Privatbanka - Prvá privátna banka na Slovensku - Privatbanka a.s. je prvá špecializovaná banka na Slovensku so zameraním na privátne bankovníctvo.

Country:, Europe, SK

City: 19.5 , Slovak Republic

  • Justin - Works great, wish it held the monitor a little closer ...

    Works great, wish it held the monitor a little closer to the actual mount end, but i guess i can't complain, it cleaned up my desk. However, I had to macgyver my mounts up/down pivot because it puts the monitor weight too far forward for the pivot to hold without a brace. If your mount doesn't have an up and down tilt, or can hold a lot of weight, you should be fine.

  • David Jones - Obviously A Binder For Women

    I was disappointed when this binder arrived and I found that for every 100 sheets of paper that fits in my binder for men, this binder could only hold 77. This is obviously a binder for women.

  • E. Bray - Caused pain, discomfort and bleeding.

    I would like to preface this review by saying that I am and have always been very sensitive to side effects from medications so perhaps other people could take this with no problem. Also this review may contain tmi for some people...

  • christine - Best thing I've tried so far, and I have ultra-sensitive skin.

    The skin balm really helps. I've tried other products in the past, but the burning sensation and the soon after slight rash was not appealing.

  • Timothy J Harding - Satisfied this experienced rider.

    I rode this bike from CT to Montreal CA. Experienced cyclist needed a cheap replacement after being hit on my other bike. No significant mechanical issues. The bike is definitely an amazing starting level and even advanced level bike. However, unless you are a very experienced bike mechanic, you'll have hell assembling this bike out of the box. So allow your self either an entire afternoon leaning to assemble a bike from the ground up, or 60$+ to have a shop do it for you. Id also recommend upgrading the tires immediately. But overall I'm very impressed with hasa. Solid frame. Decent component package. Very very very worth the price. Better than anything else that I've ever heard of under $1000.

  • S. Wolfson - Great Company, lousy bag.

    I've used the bag on a few 2-3 day trips. In terms of clothing and toiletries, there's more than enough space, and the compression straps keep your clothes from shifting too much. If you are carrying dress shirts, though, they have to be in a packing folder or they'll get squashed. I was hoping the Wingman would be a single bag to replace a carry-on and duffel, but it essentially is a backpack-duffel with a laptop sleeve. There's no way to access any pockets while carrying it, and there's no great place for phone, keys, or pens. The shoulder carry-strap is absurdly long, and shortening it completely still leaves it too low to be comfortable. Essentially I have to use it as a backpack. As a backpack however, the weight distribution is too low, and with no waist belt, it cuts into your neck after a short while. I've always used the 'shoe' compartment on my Co-pilot for toiletries, but when doing so on the Wingman, it gets smashed when I take it off since it's on the bottom. In terms of overall size, there's no way to put in under the seat in front, and I'd be hesitant to put it in the overhead leaving my laptop in it. In terms of construction, the bag is a lighter-weight rip-stop outer, with a nylon interior shell. Unlike the co-pilot, it has no 'body'. Simply put, it's a big, floppy, nylon mess. This wouldn't bother me so much, but unless it's completely fully, it's actually not that easy to zip. The compression straps pull from the sides, so even if the bag is full, the bag is still a little loose, and deforms the zipper paths.