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Premier OB/GYN, LLC - providing quality healthcare for the PREMIER women of today... - A private practice, single-specialty group consisting of two board-certified obstetrician/gynecologists located in Bowie, Maryland.

Country:, North America, US

City: -111.8906 Arizona, United States

  • Kdwriter - I have been using this shampoo for close to 2 ...

    I have been using this shampoo for close to 2 years. There was something wrong with this bottle that I got from Amazon. The shampoo is really watery even after shaking the heck out of it. And, it smells awful. Hopefully, the next bottle is normal.

  • Jeremy R Stern - Well marketed but impractical

    My wife and I bought this stroller a few weeks before we had our second child and have been extremely disappointed. All of the features are very well marketed, but it's only once you actually try to use it with two children that you realize the practical limitations. For starters, the larger, "toddler seat" cannot go in the lower position. This is severely limiting. Furthermore, while you can setup many different configurations, the vast majority of them do not allow for either seat to recline since the children are essentially on top of each either. Again, looks really nice in the photos and even in stores, but it's not until you actually try to use this with two kids that you realize it's just not a viable option.

  • Aaron - amazing

    I wound up not needing this software, but after reviewing a trial vesion of it, I like it. it's more complex than Excel, but not without good reason. this program keeps track of anything from personnel, sales records, and various other things that I've not seen yet. if you need a program to keep your business records running smooth, this is certainly a great start until you need something more complex.

  • Lon R. Widdicombe - Excellent romp through a fantasy world told in a traditionally legionary manner.

    As the story starts we, the reader, are led to think this a straight adventure of a legionary officer and his companion. However, the broader fantasy world is dispensed one drop at a time. I loved the way the author piecemealed the world building throughout the novel. This prevented the normal heavy use of exposition or the dreaded info dump.

  • Layne88 - Doesn't include half of the promised/advertised scenes

    Not as described. Does not actually come with all of the listed scenes. Didn't check all of the Halloween ones but for Christmas it only includes 2 Santa scenes and one toy conveyer belt, no winter Wonderland scenes and no fireworks. Also, the Santa scenes have too much off screen time where Santa is walking around supposedly, but the purpose of this is for people walking or driving by to see it & if they come by at the wrong parts of the scene, they will not see it because it's blank! If they wait a few seconds they'll see the santa, but again just too much off screen time. Also, this is not very bright. I know you get what you pay for, but for protecting on a small window I would hope that it would be brighter and more visible. Another review stated that they could see it from up the street... not mine. Not sure if mine was defective, but you need to be fairly close... at least at the edge of the (short) driveway to see it.