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Intlife: Pain Management, Wellbeing Management, integrative health - with Paulo Quadros - Paulo Quadros and INTLIFE aim to help fill gaps currently existent in the NHS, taking a logical approach to pain management and true health. No therapy is completely effective and pain affects different people in different ways. Effective pain treatment or management requires a multidisciplinary approach addressing a variety of factors such as mental/emotional, nutritional, environmental and physical. Non-pharmacological tools for chronic pain management should be provided by the NHS for different reasons explained in this website.

  • Declaration of Montreal - Pain management is a human right. Despite a number of government reports, recommendations and positive research published throughout a period of many years, very little has been done that has directly and positively affected people with chronic pain. People in pain need action NOW.
  • DYNAMIC RELEASE ™: pain management, mental health support, well-being, training - Dynamic Release ™ is a form of extremely non-invasive physical intervention (brief bodywork or bodypsychotherapy) integrating elements of the most effective therapies used in pain management, stress management, mental health support and general well-being.

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  • GoGirlGo - Natural Cures is the way to go!

    There's no way around it. The nutrient natural remedy cure has become huge as people are trying to move away from pharmaceuticals which cause liver damage and have many serious side effects.

  • Nicci B - Beautiful

    Installation was pretty standard, a bit easier with the new latch system. I am in love with the design, and have always liked Tokidoki style. Having the safest car seat on the market, and a cool design = awesome!

  • Steve Frank - Great buy

    Antenna looks great compared to the fishing pole the truck comes with and I haven't noticed a difference in radio or xm reception.

  • P Family - this was a great book and really shows the power of forgiveness and friendships.

    I liked this book because it really shows how you can fight then forgive and how you can prove to be a better person but in the end every one is equal.I would recommend this book to anyone who likes books that are about friendship and about people coming together.This was a great book and you should read it because of so many different reasons.

  • richard perez - Buck quality still

    I use it "clean" deer. I used it five times last season. Does not need sharpening. Curvature of blade makes it easy to skin. Handle is very comfortable to hold; no slipping in your hand.

  • William D Ragan - Working Great So Far

    Installed New NetGear Orbi a few days ago with little trouble and it is working great so far. I was a little surprised that even though I named the new router the same as my old Netgear router I had to re login every device even though the password and SSID were the same. Some printer problems but all is good now.