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PowerBuy4You - PowerBuy 4 You in 2009 as a purchasing consortium that offers businesses the opportunities to buy goods and services at competitive prices. Recognizing a need for businesses to access the savings available to larger corporations, PowerBuy 4 You has pre-negotiated contracts that will help companies of all sizes leverage greater buying power, increase operating efficiency and realize cost savings.

  • About US - Welcome to PowerBuy 4 You. My name is Becky Pharo and I’m the CEO. Along with the help of my husband of 20 years, we founded PowerBuy 4 You in 2009 as a purchasing consortium that offers businesses the opportunities to buy goods and services at competitive prices.
  • Advisory Board - Learn more about our Advisory Board at PowerBuy4You for Wisconsin Biotechnology
  • Contact Us - PowerBuy 4 You offers you the availability to purchase goods and services with our Discount Purchasing Program. This program pools buying power together with many companies to increase the overall discount for all companies with no membership fees to access these prices.
  • Services - Why would your organization need the Discount Purchasing Program? PowerBuy4You is a purchasing consortium and we have pre-negotiated discounted prices and services with Vendors by pooling our buying power together.
  • Getting Started - PowerBuy 4 You is pleased to present our Discount Purchasing Program. This program is designed to deliver unparalleled product breadth among its Vendor Partners to the PowerBuy Member Organization of Wisconsin Biotechnology
  • Generate Savings - Generate Savings Through Increased Purchasing PowerParticipation in our purchasing consortium provides members with the following benefits at no cost:
  • PowerBuy 4 You Offers - We also offer a Purchasing Program. This program will allow member companies to sign up to have PowerBuy 4 You be your purchasing agent. For a small monthly fee you can increase your productivity on other important projects, and allow PowerBuy 4 You to be your partner in purchasing. No more wasted time searching for those hard to find products that you need!

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  • Amanda - I have loved all of the Just Dance games

    I have loved all of the Just Dance games. I have to say this is the worst. The songs may be great but the dance moves are nearly impossible to follow and the background graphics are extremely dizzying. Not to mention the camera zooms in and out and goes side to side which makes it that much harder to follow the dancer moves. I have looked forward to each Just Dance released and this one is hands down the most disappointing. Who cares about fancy graphics? Let's go back to the basics and enjoy the game for what it was made for... to JUST DANCE!

  • Whispera - Great for Washing Tile Floors

    I do not use this as a vacuum, as it didn't pick up dog hair, rendering it useless to me for that function. I already have a good vacuum, so that is not a big deal to me; however I want to make it clear that the 5 stars are only for the "washing" function. It is great for cleaning the all-tile floors of my house using water and cleanser of choice. (I use hot tap water with a few drops of dishwashing liquid and 1/4 cup white vinegar.) It sucks the dirt up and leaves the floors much drier than a mop.

  • R. Geweniger - Best Anti Virus I've had in years

    For the past couple years I have been using the various free anti-virus programs. Last year I bought a Norton anti-virus, but it was not user friendly for me and it caused my computer to lock and crash. Recently I read about Webroot and decided to give it a try. It works great, is easy to install. I have three computers, but one is a small laptop without a CD/DVD drive. Not a problem. I was able to download and install the software. Also, if it should happen that I need more than three installations, it allows me to buy another code for a fourth installation. The price is reasonable. The program is unobtrusive (as opposed to the free products as well as Norton which were constantly letting me know they were there. So, far I've gotten two warnings about potential threats,