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PortaCellTec - PortaCellTec provides a broad spectrum of hepatic/renal uptake transporter assays (e.g. OATs, OCTs, OATPs) to investigate the inhibitor and substrate characteristics of drugs. As recommended by FDA and EMA we perform in vitro transporter studies with validated drug transporters stably transfected in HEK293 cells.

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  • Miranda Baxter - Caution - not for sensitive kitties

    I'm having to return this product. Merely days after placing this on my cat, it had to be removed because it was causing sores on her neck. I took her to the vet to make sure that was the problem and the vet agreed that she was having a severe reaction to the collar. I have heard wonderful things from many people about these collars and I had already purchased 3 more for my dogs; we will see how they do. My cat is an indoor, mature/senior (12 year old), long haired calico cat, so she may just be more sensitive in her older age.

  • Phaedra A. Drimmel - There's nothing wrong with this app!!

    I just downloaded yesterday, but it seems to be working!! It slugs up my phone a little, but it's an old phone and really was slugging before..But this app knows what numbers are good and what ones aren't, finally I don't have to drop what I'm doing, run to the phone only to see it's the scammers or their associates! They were calling 3-4 times a day! Irritating as a flea! Yea, so no problems on my end..but like I said, just loaded it yesterday..I think all my contact calls are getting through, haven't had a complaint yet..but so far, so good!

  • Just a Customer - Radically different than other books

    I would give it a 4.5, but that's not an option with this rating system. This book has a lot of in-your-face advice that is contrary to usual self-help drivel and makes a lot of sense. It is the wake up call that many people in troubled long-term relationship or marriage need. It's not soothing, comfortable, or feel good, just honest with lots of practical tips and techniques. If you've been wondering what you're doing wrong in your relationship and can't figure it out, you should know when you finish reading this book.

  • Amazon Customer - Great story

    Loved the storyline and characters going from darkness to light. The gods actually taking a main roll in the world most inpressive

  • Lexi - Buy it over and over again

    This is the third time I purchased this product. I will continue to do so because it always comes without any leakage and on time. Great product I have been using it for about 8 months now. Best face wash ever.

  • Darla - THE BEST!!!

    I recently started using this and I have to say it is the best mosturizer I have ever used. It does not, I repeat does not leave a heavy greasy feeling on you face. Your skin can breath. When you touch your face or someone else touches all they can feel is softness. A little goes a long way. This jar will last for a long time. I would highly recommend this product.

  • Rachel - Not woth it - RUDE customer service, etc

    After sending an e-mail trying to cancel mt auto-ship, I received...yet..another bottle. I finally called (8 minutes on the phone) and was told I sent it to the wrong e-mail address. He was SO rude, insulting, condescending and extremely unprofessional. I refused this last shipment (my card was charged, again) and was told I will be charged $15.00 for refusing the shipment. I will disputing with my bank and the rep said, Yeah...good luck with that" and proceeded to laugh at me.