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Welcome to the Polio Survivors Network - Polio Survivors Network - The most comprehensive online information source about post-polio syndrome and all the people affected by it.

  • Polio Survivors Network - Publications - Polio Survivors Network - The most comprehensive information source about post-polio syndrome and all the people affected.

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  • C.Nelson - very useful

    Grateful for this product. I had resorted to putting my entries on a sheet of paper. With all the online payments I make I hardly ever need to order checks, just need these registers.

  • Rani Davis - Love it.

    I loved this series before, it kept me coming back to read over and over because the characters and writing were captivating. Now with these special extended editions you get more of the characters and the story. These are definitely a recommended read.

  • W. Williams - Good alternative for the much more expensive factory unit

    No problems with installation, but make sure to read the instructions, the two cross bars have a specific orientation that is not all that intuitive. Screws and fasteners were solid and it has a tight fit to the factory side rails. It seems sturdy enough to a light load. I'm not sure I'd tie something really heavy to it, but I suppose that's not it's design.

  • SirCodesALot - Great Device, mediocre touch screen.

    I am fairly new to cycling. I started tracking my rides with a cheap bike computer. It did not give me any usable metric other than speed and distance. Edge 820 was a great investment and I am enjoying it. Below are some of the Pros and Cons from my few uses

  • Jelly Bean - I was disappointed, but not surprised.

    I didn't expect a magic pill to melt away fat while I lay sleeping. I was looking for something to help *aid* me in my own weight loss efforts. I had already made the necessary dietary changes and putting in my time in the gym on a regular basis. I attributed my difficulty losing weight to my getting older. At 40, I thought I might need a little boost, and thought this might be the boost I needed.

  • MariaR - The best Magnesium powder available

    The best Magnesium powder available. Works wonders for deep sleep, relaxation, stress and muscle cramping. Other companies produce product that is slightly cheaper, but the proprietary ionic magnesium citrate that Natural Calm contains truly is more effective. I've tried the others and always come back to the best--Natural Calm. Also using Magnesium oil for topical application doubles the effectiveness.