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City: 18.056 , Sweden

  • Mac user - Excellent

    The real deal. A fair price for a product that is difficult to find anywhere on the shelf. Thank you for having it!

  • Holly - May cause intense pains during period

    I gave this 3 stars because the shipping is easy, my doctor recommended this, and it doesn't taste bad. I tried this for 3 months last year (before trying clomid by my doctor) then things got busy and I took a break from trying so hard.

  • gmonet - I Love a These Drops!

    I love these drops!! I started using them June 21, 2015. I followed a diet that included 4oz of chicken or beef and 4 small tomatoes for each meal. I also ate a handful of strawberries with two meals. After the first week I lost 11 pounds!!!!! Since you don't really eat a breakfast with this plan, I drank Ginger-Lemon tea and ate two slices of Melba toast for breakfast. I have cheated a couple of times by eating a few tablespoons of Cool Whip and I am still losing weight. I also losing inches because I can see the difference in some of my pants. I have pretty much stuck to about 800 calories a day because sometimes I eat a little more meat than 4 ounces. I have not been hungry on this diet. One problem I noticed is that I have a hard time falling asleep because it gives me a lot of energy. If you suffer with insomnia as I do, I suggest taking the last dose of the drops before 4:00 pm.

  • TBlazer07 - Genius install method!

    Well, I think the design of this was just brilliant. I have installed many glass and "soft" protectors on many devices and have tried all the "easy install gimmicks" (like using tape top make a hinge to flip over) but this was the best one yet. Amazing no one else thought about it (that I am aware of). Two tabs on the plastic protective covering you just pick up and simply DROP the glass right on to the screen. This is the first time I have ever had a NON-FRUSTRATING experience installing a protector. A+ for that. (iPhone 6s)

  • Jenay - Finally Conceievd After 3 Years of TTC

    I have PCOS and spent hundreds of dollars on vitamins and supplements to help me conceive. Nothing worked and I was skeptical when I found Pregnitide. I figured for $40 it was worth a try. After one month of taking Pregnitide I got my periods back. I had never had regular periods my whole life. They came like clock work, every 28 days while on Pregnitide.

  • Justin - This produces a very small and subtle effect similar to Addium or Nootropx

    This produces a very small and subtle effect similar to Addium or Nootropx. I do notice a difference, but it is nothing compared to oxiracetam and noopept. I PROBABLY would not buy again, especially for the price.

  • Victor Jaworski - AMERICA

    AWESOME JERSEY! Not just because it's America, but because this is the softest material of any of my jerseys. I hate to admit it, but it's better than any of my Adidas ones.