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  • Allen King - Planning a First Contact

    While not a bad book by any measure, I have some negative thoughts regarding this book. The overarching story is reasonably good. An alien ship is located early in the American space program drifting in the asteroid belt, but then existing space technology does not allow an approach until several decades later. The fact that the ship's presence can be kept secret for that long is in itself a great leap. In addition, in describing the crew, Ms. Wells makes each member too stereotypic. The commander is a military man demonstrating an altogether too brittle and inflexible demeanor. Our heroine, a linguist, is too perfectly trusting of the alien AI left aboard the ship and her closest ally is just a bit too heroic in sticking by her at all major decision intersections. It would serve Ms. Wells well to make the characters more nuianced in their respective approaches to the ship and the telepathic AI aboard. Though the action sequences are over the top, they are entertaining and the storyline hangs together reasonably well. As a first contact tale, I did find it entertaining overall. It is certainly worth the read, but the addition of another 50 pages or so to better develop the characters would have been welcome.

  • Chii - I got this, but it ended up not working ...

    I got this, but it ended up not working very well. In the end nothing beats a razor blade and some cleaner.

  • Armand M. Mariano - Great system for the value

    System worked great for 9 months. During hot summer season, the touch screen stopped working properly and need to be reset on a regular basis .I was told by Fahrenheit technician that the electronics were faulty and not under warrantee due to purchase through a third party (ebay). Great system for the money when it worked properly. Still using the system with blue tooth music and general mapping but gps street set up is difficult due to faulty touch screen.. I recommend purchasing system through a legitimate company to get the 1 year warrantee.

  • EmbracingHomemaking - Less formula, higher price

    Stores everywhere now only sell the 12oz cans at the same price as the previous 16oz cans! Not to mention the scoops are bigger and require us to use more for each bottle! This is unbelievable. I was already paying $5 a day for formula and that just increased exponentially.

  • Nanci Sparks - Not the best but it works

    You have to be within 10-15 feet of the car for it to start and if there is another car blocking it in any way, forget it, it won't start. Other than that, it works and was simple enough to install.

  • R. DeSisto - Breakthrough?

    This book is very dated. When published in 1998 there was very little known about DHEA. The author admits this. He admits that there is little experimental evidence to justify his conclusions. He may have a master's degree in biochemistry, but many of his conclusions are based on pseudoscience. In other words, my conclusions must be correct because men are basically animals and animals living in the wild act so and so. Blah, blah blah.

  • CRossi - Love this

    Love this. I am about 5 weeks pregnant and my face started breaking out. I just starting using the past two days and so far I've noticed that my skin seems more even and toned. Doesn't smell harsh and feels great when rinsing. I'm happy with this purchase.