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  • wyoung74 - Looks great but was a tight fit clipping the last clip

    Looks great but was a tight fit clipping the last clip. With a little work it finally clipped and hasn't unclipped in the year it's been on.

  • Billy E. Maddox - They function great but sometimes

    I have 2007 (no activation required), 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2013. There is hardly any difference except 2007 does not require an activation to be used, whereas all the others do. They function great but sometimes, about once a month, the program reports that there is a registration problem and tell the user to go to Microsoft to correct the problem. MS has never helped me either on activating Windows or correcting the problem. I just ignore the "activation problem" and it keeps on doing what you purchased it for, until the next problem crops up, so just ignore that and it goes away for awhile.

  • Keith - BEER!

    WOW! I followed the directions, got beer. I tasted one about a week after bottling and it wasn't bad but the next one was after two weeks in the bottle and was really great. All in all, easy and rewarding. I did a lager first and am working a honey ale now. Looking forward to doing a stout. Glad I didn't get one when I was 18. Just get one, it's cheap fun.

  • Caron - Does Not Work

    So I took it for one month to see if I would get any results, I did not even lose one pound on it. Definitely not a good product, I even tried taking two in the morning and two at lunch time. NO RESULTS - If I have to take more than that in one day it obviously SUCKS

  • Julie - Perfect fit for Tender Vibes

    After purchasing 4 different sheets for our bassinet (tender vibes), we found these and they fit perfectly!


    This song rocks. Phil Collins as a beautiful voice - each and every word rings, carries, has meaning . . . We can't go wrong with Phil Collins, and In the Air Tonight is a perfect example of his style and talent.