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PerkinElmer | For The Better | Home - PerkinElmer helps scientists, clinicians, and lab professionals accelerate their science through its innovative detection, imaging, services, and informatics solutions.

  • Lab Products & Services | PerkinElmer - We help laboratories improve human and environmental health with high-quality instruments, accessories, reagents, consumables, software, and turnkey services.
  • Imaging Components | PerkinElmer | Home - PerkinElmer Imaging Components provides high performance X-ray detectors. Our detectors are used in medical, veterinary, and industrial NDT applications.
  • Diagnostics | Markets | What We Do | PerkinElmer - Solutions to help enable a proactive approach to healthcare and better outcomes for patients.
  • What We Do | PerkinElmer - We help scientists, clinicians, and lab professionals accelerate their science through our innovative detection, imaging, services, and informatics solutions.
  • Capabilities | What We Do| PerkinElmer - We bring together detection, imaging and informatics technologies, with key services to help scientists and clinicians address daunting scientific challenges.
  • Detection | Capabilities | What We Do | PerkinElmer - Technologies to support the detection and identification of disease, organic and inorganic analytes, and biological pathways that impact human and environmental health.
  • Imaging | Capabilities | What We Do | PerkinElmer - Imaging technologies to visualize from simple to complex disease, cellular, biological, and chemical events.
  • Markets | What We Do | PerkinElmer - Our solutions in the areas of Diagnostics, Life Sciences, and Environmental Health help scientists, lab professionals, and clinicians answer important questions.
  • Life Sciences | Markets | What We Do | PerkinElmer - Solutions to accelerate drug, biotherapeutic, disease, and pathology research.
  • Applied Markets | Markets | What We Do | PerkinElmer - Solutions that provide insights on the quality of air, water, food, and materials to help ensure the safety of entire communities.
  • Stories | PerkinElmer - Read the latest news, blog posts, customer stories, and research spotlights from PerkinElmer.
  • How Reliable Are Nutrition Labels? | Stories | PerkinElmer - As micronutrients become more important to the global food supply, the new PerkinElmer Avio™ 200 ICP-OES can analyze nutrient content in fruit juices and milk better than traditional methods.
  • InfraLeuna Analytical Lab Is Poised For Growth | Stories | PerkinElmer - A profile of InfraLeuna and its analytical laboratory, which is among the largest energy producers in Europe.
  • Understanding Nanomaterials In The Environment | Stories | PerkinElmer - Profile of the University of Birmingham’s Facility for Environmental Nanoscience Analysis and Characterization and the role played by PerkinElmer.
  • What Do Las Vegas and Drug Discovery & Development Have in Common? | Stories | PerkinElmer - How to improve the odds of developing successful new drugs using Big Data and state-of-the-art analytical tools.
  • A New Generation of X-ray Detectors | Stories | PerkinElmer - Flat panel x-ray detectors have revolutionized not only medicine but manufacturing.
  • Company | PerkinElmer - See how PerkinElmer and its customers are making a difference for people, for the world, for the better.
  • About Us | Company | PerkinElmer - Backed by 7,600 employees in over 150 countries across the world, PerkinElmer is a global leader focused on improving human and environmental health.
  • Corporate Governance | Company | PerkinElmer - Read PerkinElmer’s Corporate Governance Guidelines, which sets the standards for the company’s employees, officers, and directors.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility | Company | PerkinElmer - PerkinElmer is an active corporate citizen, creating better outcomes in our communities and contributing to improving human and environmental health.
  • Innovation | Company | PerkinElmer - Our commitment to scientific innovation is at the heart of everything we do. It is why our customers turn to us to help them accelerate their science.

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  • J. L. Sorrell - Love!

    This pepper mill is so easy to use one-handed, no more getting your pepper mill covered with grease or food when needing to season during food prep. We used it to coat a steak and it had a nice grind to the pepper and spread it evenly. I like that I can adjust it to a coarse or fine grind depending on my meal. I look forward to using this next summer when our grill is more I use and everything needs to be done one-handed.

  • Nancy Wiley - I love it.

    Wonder product! Excellent! Great tutorial for teaching the skills needed to use Office 2010 and Windows 7. Very helpful. Couldn't be happier.

  • Michael Soper - Ringo and the All Starr's at the Ryman are great!

    I ordered this DVD because I've always wanted to see Ringo Starr and his All-Starr Band, regardless of which version was on tour. Most of the reviews were good, a couple were so-so and one was really bad, but I bought it anyway. I love this concert at the Ryman. One of the reviews said that the band members were just "going thru the motions". I couldn't disagree more. I think the sound quality is terrific, the band, in my opinion, seems to really go after it hard. It's obvious they're having fun, and the crowd was on fire. If I had one complaint, it would be that Ringo didn't do "You're sixteen", but he had a new CD to plug and did a couple songs from that. One I though was pretty good, one I wasn't nuts about. I love this concert and watched it again this weekend. Loved Todd Rungren, Greg Rolie from Santana, Steve Lukather of Toto, Richard Page of Mister Mister, Mark Rivera, the sax player & percussionist, Greg Bissonette and Richard Page, the drummer and bass player, they were all terrific. If you like Ringo, you'll love this DVD.