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The Scientific Diet for GI Problems, Autism and Other Conditions - Specific Carbohydrate Diet, a scientific diet for autism, digestive disorders and other conditions.

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  • "Cal" - Gentle Yet Effective Exfoliation

    These glycolic pads have proven to be an excellent step in my anti-aging skin care regimen. My nightly regimen includes cleansing, using one of these pads for about 60 seconds, follow with Dr. Denese HydroShield Ultra Moisturizing Face Serum. After the serum absorbs, I use either Dr. Denese Triple Strength Advanced Wrinkle Smoother or Dr. Denese HydroShield Face Emulsion. The combination of these products has dramatically changed the texture of my skin. I find they work well together to generate healthy skin cell turnover and boost collagen. I have sensitive combination skin that often is irritated by glycolic and retinol products. I have had no adverse reactions to any of these products. I researched the ingredients used in all these products and I found these formulas very impressive. I am absolutely so impressed with my results! After using this regimen for 45 days, my small pores are now microscopic, my nasal labio fold lines appear plumped, my marionette lines are definitely shortened, and the fine lines seem to be vanishing. The pads come in a jar, they are saturated with product and there is some clear liquid product in the jar as well. The lid must be sealed tightly after each use. I've had no problem with the pads drying up. The pads are very very thin, yet each one has plenty of product. I use one pad nightly, I use it on my face for about 60 seconds then wipe the back of each hand with it. Sometimes it "tingles" when applied, other times I feel no tingling sensation at all. Because these pads really do generate skin cell turnover for me, I find I must use an SFP30+ broad spectrum day cream to protect my new skin from the sun's aging rays. Great addition to my nightly skin care regimen - I won't live without these pads.

  • mazz - Have purchased other items direct from Whitman Publishing and always pleased with their products

    Purchased this as a gift. Looked ok when I wrapped it. Have purchased other items direct from Whitman Publishing and always pleased with their products.

  • Bradley - Worth every penny

    If this thing cost $50 or even $500, it would be worth every penny. This coozie turns the amateur beer drinker into a professional with the simple push of a button. If you're looking at this item and thinking to yourself, "Should I really buy this?" then I would like to invite you to stop reading and immediately go buy some tampons because I'm pretty sure your period just started. Buy it. Use it. Love it.

  • Stephen in Plano - 4 star due to the 30 day nagging

    I like the way that this product works, I am downgrading it from 5 for the following reasons, 30 nag prior to license expiration, and also if install it for one device that starts the clock for all devices.

  • Damien - I was sceptical that this would work. Not only does it work but I would never use anything else!

    Last summer my 65lb dog and I went (unknowingly) to stay at a place that was infested with fleas. Within 3 days, she was scratching until her skin bled, and her skin was crawling. She had a fever, as she is allergic to fleas, and she was miserable. At first, I had thought the heat bothered her so it took me a couple of days to look for fleas. She was covered in them.

  • Amazon Customer - great product

    used for the first time on our black lab. It really does lather up easily and rinse off easily! Our girl likes to be clean and she was very happy after her Moosh bath! We have never had a flea problem, so did not buy for that reason, but like the natural ingredients! Good product!