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PDR Clinics | Neck & Back Pain Non-Surgical Treatment in the Twin Cities - Our clinic specializes on the treatment of back and neck pain, TMJ, headaches, and pregnancy aches. We treat patients in the Twin Cities area.

  • Careers - PDR Clinics - Being of service to people, respect quality patient care, and understand that the patient experience is built on personal patient relationships-that's PDR.
  • Locations - PDR Clinics - PDR Clinics has five convenient Twin Cities locations. We are open early in the morning and in the evening to ensure we can meet your scheduling needs.
  • Meet the Medical Team at PDR Clinics - PDR Clinics - Our physicians stay involved throughout the treatment process with regularly scheduled fallow up visits to ensure each patient is progressing as expected.
  • Meet the Therapist Team at PDR Clinics - PDR Clinics - Our therapy team has been trained and certified in the use of our MedX equipment, which is used for the testing and rehabilitation of spinal disorders.
  • Patients - PDR Clinics - Non-surgical treatment for chronic back and neck pain, Edina, Chanhassen, Maplewood, Coon Rapids, Burnsville
  • What to Expect During Your First Visit - PDR Clinics - Whether you have questions about a service or if you would like to schedule an appointment, we are here for you. Call in today to visit.
  • Patient Education - PDR Clinics - Neck pain, Back pain, Neck injuries, Back injuries, Chronic pain, Rehabilitation, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy
  • The Shared Decision Making Process - PDR Clinics - Shared Decision Making is when physicians and patients collaborate in order to make informed decisions using all available information and research.
  • Purchase Recommended Therapy Equipment - PDR Clinics - You can improve your neck and back pain at home using our recommend products! Purchase safely through PDR Clinics using your Amazon account.

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