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Patriot Outreach - Patriot Outreach - Confidential, private and effective support for anxiety, daily stress, and even P.T.S.D. Supporting all Military Service Men, Women, Retirees, Veterans, Government Civilians, Battlefield Contractors and their Families.

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  • Dennis - A Very Good Value

    So far I haven't noticed any difference from this product and the original hp cartridges, except it is about 1/3 of the cost or less. I have had it for about 3 weeks now and have been very pleased with the quality of the printing. I print quite a bit because I used the printer this cartridge is in for my work at my home office.

  • J. Hughes - Goliath is a Giant Success

    Totally drew me in! I thought I would watch an episode or two at dinnertime, but low and behold, the season 1 series was finished by 3:30 am. I tend to be a night owl while my more reasonable husband hits the sack earlier, but not for this, he was up with me until the end. The experience of following the characters and plot was more like watching a very good movie, and who leaves in the middle of a great movie? So we watched Goliath to its conclusion and were not disappointed. Great acting by the entire cast and Billy Bob Thorton played his character superbly and most believably. If there is a season 2 we will check it out, but for now, this story is complete. Thanks Amazon for an amazing experience!

  • Stan Wong - It works but I was hoping for more

    I've been trying to gain weight for 4 years. my friend took CB1 and she liked it so I wanted to try it myself. I took CB1 for a month and it made me eat more but I only gained 4 pounds. I thought I would gain more than that. I didn't want to keep taking it so I called their number and their phone people tried to help but I ended up sending it back for a refund. It worked for my friend but not everything works for everybody. Overall I didn't get the results I was hoping for.

  • Mary Ann Boulette - One of best books on Bill Clinton

    I have read almost everything written about Bill and Hillary Clinton. This book by Joe Conason is by far one of the best. It is neither a pro or anti Clinton book, it just tells the story as it happened a well written and entertaining narrative. It tells of problems as well as successes. President Clinton has done a lot for the entire world since leaving office and not enough people know this. The book will be one that I will give as gifts this Christmas.

  • Michelle - love these glasses

    love these glasses. looks just like the picture and are definitely good quality. I did take them to my eyeglass store to get my prescription put in with new lens, and they check them to see if they are sturdy enough to go through removing the orignal plastic lens theglasses come with . the rayban sign is not a sticker on the lens it is marked on the actual lens so if you are buying these for looks i wouldnt, unless you dont mind the big 'ray ban' sign on there i guess go for it. arrived pretty quick too.

  • PLC Family Photo - Super pre wired harness!

    I am one to normaly buy all of the pieces and put something like this together myself however I really enjoyed the time savings of this wiring harness! This harness saved me much time when installing my step daughters auxbeam led driving lights! Good quality relay, fuse holder, connectors, and wire for my install! The switch also fit perfectly in a dash knockout so it almost looks factory! 5 stars for sure!

  • Clark - Excellent Photo Quality

    This is the best camcorder I have ever used. Affordable and worth every penny of it. The videos are amazing as it feels like you are there when watching them. The image is so clear and amazing. This is a very nice portable camcorder that works great & highly recommend.