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Drug discovery, Pennsylvania Drug Discovery Institute - The Pennsylvania Center for Drug Discovery conducts research programs to accelerate drug discovery into potential therapies for improving human health.

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  • Holly Cooper - Love this line of baby products

    My baby smells like an orange creamsicle after bathtime is over. I love the fact that this is a truly mild shampoo/body wash and that there are no harmful chemicals in it. My baby has only gotten some soap in his eyes once because I had trouble rinsing his head while he was sitting up and some got in his eyes. He was upset but was ok after a minute or so of me comforting him.

  • Pat Newton - You must give this product a try!

    Love this product. Finally, something that will erase wrinkles instantly and last for hours. I like the bottle rather than tubes but tubes are convenient to carry in your purse.

  • Linn Random - ... have used five other software programs and the very best always is ACT

    I have used five other software programs and the very best always is ACT. Easy to use, easy to organize and utilize its perfect system.

  • ANTONIO E.H. SAZON-DESANGRE - This Book Rocks!!!

    Even if my instructor's way of teaching is a little bit of annoyance because I could hardly decipher what he was trying to say to the class, this book more than compensates for what is lacking in the way he enunciates every syllable of every word that comes out of his mouth. This book, for me, is the opposite of the Publisher's name Labyrinth. This book just takes will always find your way through the "labyrinth" of my Instructor's quick presentation, or absentation. But don't get me wrong-either I have lazy ears or I have severe ADD.

  • Moselle - Beautiful lustre on the floors

    After cleaning with the cleaner they make, I shined up my old linoleum floor and my laminate with this. I used 2 coats, and man, the shine was glorious. Not too crazy shiny like patent leather, but like a sheen, like a new floor would have. Better than new, really. I will always used this. I even used it on my bathroom floor tile.

  • Amazon Customer - I've been using this product for about 12 years! ...

    I've been using this product for about 12 years! Whenever I need to get back on track, my 2 day juice fast helps me drop weight without feeling hungry, and motivates me to continue on to success!