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  • 1alwayswin - Not for the feint of heart

    Please read this review if you are thinking about the bike! Scooter has been alright over the past two months. Honestly, I have enjoyed this scooter, my friends on the football team call it the broped, I really enjoy the two stroke motor, and the motor pull really strong. Be sure to mix the fuel at 32:1, this is one 8 oz bottle of two stroke oil, for every two gallons of gas. On engine break in, I ran at 25:1. The description also fails to mention the bike actually featuring about a 2.3 liter tank which is plenty big enough for extended rides. Be sure to be ready to adjust the air fuel mixture, as the motor can run hot if the bike runs too lean and the engine can bog and be down on power if it is too rich. The motor is extremely easy to take apart. I would not recommend buying this scooter whatsoever if you are not mechanically inclined. Things will break and you will just have to be prepared to fix them. It is part of the hobby. My buying experience included quick shipping. Assembly took about a full day to get everything right, but it practically rides out of the box after you attach fuel tank and lines, and put on front wheel plus handle bars and seat. I rode it for about three days, the first weekend I got it and had a blast. On that Sunday, I was riding home when the motor just shutoff and would not start back up again. The customer service was okay and he was very eager to send me new parts, i.e carburetor, intake manifold, to try to get my bike started to no success. It took about a week and a half, which had made me very upset, of troubleshooting to realize the issue was that the headbolts(4 of them) had loosened when I was riding. After tightening, easy job, the motor has been pulling hard, after adjust for a perfect a/f mixture, without a recurring issue. Both brakes seemed to disintegrate even after proper adjustment, but I rode it around with no brakes for a while which is much easier than you might think. They sent me a new front brake which I use for emergencies, but you can practically coast to a stop when you lift off the throttle. I have been riding this bike to football practice for the past three weeks and everybody loves the two stroke motor, I get a lot of thumbs up. It is a little bit tricky to start, and I did shed one pull starter, but I have a spray bottle of premix that I spray right into the air intake screw and since I have been using this method the bike is always decently eager to start. One issue I had was the back mount for the fuel tank actually snapping off the frame. I am not sure if this was due to me dropping the bike, once, or if it was a weak weld but I made my own mount for it and it works great. The bike is loud when you are on it and sounds great which I love, but the sounds dissipates very quickly for every foot away from the bike which is also another plus. Have not had any issues with police in my area seeing my ride the bike on the shoulder, I just wear a helmet and sunglasses and always wear a backpack with tools in case anything were to happen when riding. After initially being very frustrated with the bike not working that was just before realized that is all part of ownership of this bike. I would not recommend this bike for kids because they would have a difficult time keeping up with the work required for this bike. The motor pulls so strongly I think it is well worth it, and it always keeps me happy after pull starting and warming up the motor at 6:30 in the morning. Currently the bike awaits a new intake manifold, now out of warranty, because the metal threads stripped out of the plastic body creating an air leak. This is just the type of thing you have to deal with when you buy this bike. After initially regretting the purchase of this bike, I have learned to really enjoy the bike and it can serve as transportation that you can decently rely on, just have a spare ride as back up handy. Would recommend this bike to anyone especially interested in using a two stroke motor and becoming part of a hobby, you will learn every part of this bike.

  • Team Nugget - Your favorite pods may not work. System is "protected"

    They took a potentially killer machine and added horrible DRM - a rights management system, in the greedy attempt to get all other coffee pod manufacturers to pay them so their pods work. If they don't pay, that's right, their pods don't work. Don't buy this and protest to the company or buy another manufacturers system.

  • S. Wier - Everything a new writer needs to know about getting published!

    This book is a must-have resource for anyone on the road to getting published. It offers invaluable information, guides, and tips from industry experts and much, much MORE. When I finished writing my first book, I had no idea what to do next. I knew nothing about the publishing industry. Thankfully, I stumbled onto some very helpful blogs, started following industry experts on Twitter, joined websites like Writer's Market, Publishers Marketplace, Query Tracker, and bookmarked every agent interview, freelance editor page and writer-y website I found. There is SO MUCH information available on getting published. But let me tell you a secret, this book has SO MUCH of that information ALL IN ONE PLACE. I read this book 6 months after I'd toiled with the overwhelming task of learning everything I could about the publishing industry. If only it would have come out sooner! My suggestion to writers: Save yourself time and money. Before you do anything else, buy this book.