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  • Amanda H. - Does not work!

    I absolutely hate this steamer and the return time ran out before I actually used it so now I am stuck with a steamer that I despise. I researched several steamers trying to find one that had the lift away option and unfortunately I picked this one. I haven't even tried the lift away part because I am so disappointed with the regular steamer part.

  • John P. - Still not compatible with windows7 or office 2010

    I just got done spending an hour with tech support for intuit trying to resolve the issues that I've been having. I've been patiently waiting to upgrade QuickBooks to version 2011 to resolve the issues I've been experiencing. The conclusion is that QuickBooks is not in some fashion compatible with widows 7 64 bit and office 2010 64 bit. Seems very interesting that the resolution to my problems is to downgrade to 32 bit versions of both. I know that I am not the only person with 64 bit versions of office and windows. It seems to me that a logical choice for a business investing in new hardware would purchase windows 7 64bit with office 2010 64bit. Intuit's own software compatibility states that QuickBooks pro 2011 is compatible with Excel 2010 where it is obviously not. I have display issues with QuickBooks (Words extending out of the text boxes and weird scroll bars in the middle of the screen), blank error messages (Can't figure that one out. A little hard to diagnose without a code of some kind), and incompatibility with excel issues (Can't export quarterly reports to excel). These are the exact same issues that I had with my previous version of QuickBooks. Nothing has been fixed. This was a total waste of my money.

  • swimcat - Will the mat really heal?

    I did a lot of cutting and preparation of fleece blankets yesterday and I do hope the mat is really self healing. After I finished trimming with the rotary blade and then with the skip rotary blade I saw that some of the fabric was inbedded into the mat. Also to the touch I could feel the holes of the skip rotary blade.

  • Gberg - Do not waste your time and money with these!

    At the time of purchase there was a glowing 5 star review, so I had high hopes with these. When they came on Friday (it is now Sunday), I had to pair each earbud separately for them to work, but even then they only worked at the same time (stereo) only twice and each time only lasted about 5 minutes -- and this is me trying to get them to work together for at least a couple of hours that night. Now they only work one earbud at a time (mono), because once one is paired the other refuses to pair and vice versa. I've only had them a couple of days, but since I threw away the packaging I just got rid of them instead of trying to return them. I pretty much just wasted $30. I ended up purchasing a pair of Jam mini wireless earbuds at Walmart yesterday for $40, it was the last pair they had at the store I went to (model HX-EP315A). They are the type that are bluetooth and the two earbuds are wired to each other. They worked on first try and I'm happy with them so far! Do not waste your time and money with these!

  • G. Gordon - The software is great. Amazon screwed me on the download

    I added the +State version to my cart. Somehow, I ended up paying the +State price, but getting the version without the state. Adding a state in the program costs much more than buying again, so I bought again. I should have noticed, but it definitely puts me on notice that Amazon has glitches that will screw you over.