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  • M. Sookhoo - Misleading Product

    Bought this after returning the Wii version which required a controller. However this also requires a controller and I am at a loss as to why I should have to buy a controller since I expected the use of the phone to do the job. Why should something like this should be made for the Wii U and still require you to go backwards in terms of technology? It is definitely misleading to sell this product to fool users into believing that it is for the Wii U so please buy ONLY if you already have a controller.

  • mrlysell - Not worth the time or money

    These oils are not like other high quality essentials. I have dealt with many many whole essential oils and they usually require a carrier oil because they are so strongly scented. These oils from this brand seem as if they are already diluted as the fragrance is very minimal. I have no doubt that they are 100 percent oil, just not complete essential oil. Poor product. Sorry guys :(

  • Melissa Knee - Okay....

    I use the clarifying on a daily basis but was told I needed and additional exfoliant, I am not a big fan, I will use up the bottle but I don't feel extra smooth or exfoliated when done using.

  • C. Main - Perfect for my 2003 Sequoia. Easy and quick install!

    The PIE TOY03-AUX2 is the perfect aux audio input for my 2003 Toyota Sequoia with the JBL sound system. It took less than 30 minutes to install (check out the helpful videos on the net for removing the radio unit from the dash) and works flawlessly. I ran the audio patch cable (not included -- make sure to purchase that, too!) through the AC vent and up to the dash mount for my cell phone. This makes for a very clean look with minimal exposed wiring.

  • James C. Bennett - One of the things I enjoy the most about Bobby's novels are that

    Another smash from Mr. Akart. Truly is a "turning point" in the Ryman's lives as they struggle in the world without power. One of the things I enjoy the most about Bobby's novels are that, aside from being a fast paced post apocalyptic stories, he sneaks in easy to create preps for an event like he writes about. If you are a fan of the genre and interested in how a 'normal' family would get going before, during, and after an EMP, this is the one. Remember the THREE B's !

  • hunter - ... hours of time trying all the other programs work fine but I bought it to burn

    I spent 2 days trying to make this work the slideshow program will not work you put every thing in when you try to burn it it dumps every thing and goes back to the start got it to burn a slide show 1 time after hours of time trying all the other programs work fine but I bought it to burn slideshows

  • J. Gurney - Beast of a treadmill

    I'm not sure why this treadmill was discontinued, but this thing has stood the test of time. Two years old with solid, daily use. I've trained for a marathon with this. I do at least one 10+ mile run every week on it as well as shorter runs four to five days a week. My husband uses it weekly. My son uses it. The thing is incredible. It takes such a beating and still runs as smoothly as it did the day it arrived. I cannot say enough good things about this treadmill!