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Norbrook Laboratories | Veterinary, Equine, Farm Animal and Pet Products - Norbrook is a world leader in Procaine, Benzocaine, Flunixin, Ivermectin, Carprofen and Oxytetracycline. Norbrook is a true innovator and dedicated to novel research and revolutionary processes and products.

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  • Jennifer Morrow - interesting

    I was in need of a purification and I chose this product based on my chiropractor's advice. I haven't started the purification process yet but the shakes are decent!

  • J. Levy - In the IT industry, and this is the best.

    I've been working IT for a small software company for 8 years. I cannot tell you how many internet security, firewall and/or antivirus programs we have tried. But they all either slowed down computers significantly, or required countless hours of constant changes to the settings, and required constant monitoring of applications within the settings because they block applications that you don't want to block.

  • nico k - all of my symptoms abated and I was so happy to not have raging menstruation and raging emotions

    I had never had PMS until after my kids were born, and coupled with stress and a very heavy flow I was barely holding it together. I had very intense symptoms of PMDD and then my period was late or lasting for weeks or months at a time. I went to 4 different GYNs and was finally diagnosed (tentatively) with adenomyosis. A full hysterectomy was on the books when I googled and discovered that a vitamin K deficiency could be at play. I began taking Slow Flow and Women's Phase I; all of my symptoms abated and I was so happy to not have raging menstruation and raging emotions. Well, I slacked on the Phase I and the PMDD came back with a vengeance. Just repurchased and am hoping it brings things back to normal. (I will update!) There is a ton of discussion around the internet about mineral deficiencies and PMS/PMD/dysmenorrhea. I just wish the medical community was more aware of it. It would've saved me thousands of dollars!!!

  • sandi - It Works

    This is a great product. I have used it for years and am very happy with the results. Give it a try.