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  • Reba Meagher - Awful. Made me SICK.

    I took 3 of these a day for about a week, and I started noticing some serious stomach pains. At first I thought it was because I had come home from college so I was undergoing a huge diet change. But after one day of my experimenting and not taking these, the nausea went away and so did the diarrhea. So I tried once more, and just took one at night for the first time in a day. In just 20 minutes the nausea came back and I was in the toilet for hours. Safe to say I threw these and the $7 they cost at the drug store away. Can't be all THAT surprised that they made me sick though, considering they look like someone a 6 year old girl might make a beaded bracelet with.

  • Mike - Works very well and simplifies the whole process. Just ...

    Works very well and simplifies the whole process. Just remember you dont have to use a lot of pressure - using too much pressure just causes razor burns. Took me a couple times to get just the right pressure to cut the hair and not the skin.

  • joevas - Great Magazine

    This combines golf tip with in depth articles and golf club reviews. This is both entertaining and informative. Now that I get it electronically it's even better.

  • M. Bernson - No Displayport?? Get with the program ASUS.

    This is actually a decently built gaming monitor. ASUS usually does a very good job and I have owned several. One that is even pushing 8 years old and still is used as a secondary display at my workstation. So what you get here for under $200 is a 75Hz 1ms TN panel with Freesync.. Pretty cool right!?.. Well yeah if all you plan on doing is buying one. Here is the problem.. THERE IS NO DISPLAYPORT! ASUS, its Q4 2016. Almost every new and relatively new GPU has only 1 HDMI. So for people looking at this very good priced Freesync gaming monitor thinking of going with a triple monitor widescreen setup, think again. We will all have to go out and buy adaptors to make it work. Seriously ASUS its 2016 and there is no ridiculous cost for installing a DP on your monitors. It's the current standard and was clearly overlooked here. I knew this going in don't get me wrong but it could be a deal killer for some people on a very strict budget that don't want to monkey with adaptors.

  • Eohany - Liked it, but not sure I enjoyed it

    This is a rather strange, eclectic mix of of readings. Some I liked very much, others were off-putting and quite frankly, weird. I don't mean that in a negative way, but there doesn't seem to be an over-reaching theme to tie everything together neatly. The closest I can come to is that the readings made me think and consider. I will say that one of the reasons I chose this book was because of the Lemony Snicket mention. I had thought it might be something my middle schooler would enjoy. She may when she's older, but this collection is definitely not aimed at that crowd. There are some disturbing themes and language used in multiple stories. Personally, I wouldn't recommend this for any age younger than high school at the minimum. It's also not an easy read. I found myself putting it down, picking it back up, reading a few more stories then setting it aside again. I think my younger self would have enjoyed it a bit more than my older, more cynical present.

  • Christina Marie - Too difficult to sustain...

    I have to say at first I was highly motivated to do this program, and I was able to do it for about 2 weeks and lost about 12 pounds. The cleans drink tastes awful so by 3 weeks I was gagging every time I had to drink it. Having kids I had to feed all the time made it impossible to was mere torture, and even on the non fasting days I was starving all the time. By week 3 I gave up and within a couple of months I had gained all the weight back. Within a few more months after that I had gained another 15 pounds and topped out at my highest weight ever. My Dr. said that constant fasting and restriction of calories slows your metabolism, so once I started eating like I used to, I basically blew up. Even when I started exercising and eating better I STILL was gaining weight. It took me about a year to finally get my metabolism back in check and my weight is finally dropping, but I would NEVER recommend this to anyone. It's way overpriced as well and just another pyramid scam to boot, always trying to get you to sell their products as well. Do yourself a favor and save yourself a lot of money, and moody hungry torturous days.

  • Mr.Wonderful - LOVE IT!

    I love it! I've been using it so far just on craft beers and it works as advertised. It's easy to set up and to clean. It does take some trial and error attempts to refine the pouring process but we're talking beer so just have fun drinking the "it's not quite there" miscues. The only negative is the tap handle on mine doesn't quite screw in properly and the sometimes pops off. Small price to pay for at home draft beer.