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myScience UK - Science and Careers in UK - myScience UK gives an overview of science, research, universities, R&D companies and research centers in UK. myScience UK provides practical information on employment, funding and daily life as well as scientific news and the science job portal.

  • jobs & careers | myScience - Job offer for scientists and engineers - - the online job market for academics and scientists who are aiming to develop their career Switzerland or nearby. Are you looking for a job in science, research or R&D?
  • other job markets | myScience / jobs & careers - Job Offers - : search engines for all kind of jobs. - Job Offers outside the UK - myScience Germany ( : jobs for scientists, researchers, academics and specialised staff in Germany.
  • how to apply for a job | myScience / jobs & careers - Application file - An application file usually contains: - A cover letter in which you describe your skills and why you apply for the job. A CV containing personal information, education, working exprience etc.
  • phd in the UK | myScience / jobs & careers - You already have a master and your are looking for a job in research along with a PhD thesis. Find below some basic information about how and where to start a PhD. What? - Doctor of Philosophy, abbreviated PhD, Ph.D.
  • postdoc in the UK | myScience / jobs & careers - You have a Ph.D. and your are looking for at postdoctoral position. Find below some basic information about how and where to start a postdoc in the UK. Where? - A postdoc is usually done at a university.
  • professor in the UK | myScience / jobs & careers - You are a senior researcher, apost-doc or already a professor and you are looking for a professorship in the UK. Find below some basic information about how to proceed. Where? - Universities have professorships with research and teaching activities.
  • research | myScience UK - Science and Careers in UK - Doing research in UK is attractive for a number of researchers. UK has a long tradition of higher education and scientific research. Many UK universities are among the oldest in the World. But which establishment to choose: university, institute, company? Find in this section a list of Universities offering jobs in science and research.

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