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Mid-South Health Systems - Mid-South Health Systems is a Comprehensive Private, Non-Profit Community Mental Health Center. Mid-South provides a full range of psychiatric and educational services to residents in the thirteen county catchment area of Clay, Greene, Craighead, Crittenden, Cross, Lawrence, Lee, Mississippi, Monroe, Phillips, Poinsett, Randolph and St. Francis counties with over 600 employees.

Country:, North America, US

City: -84.636 Michigan, United States

  • Richard B. - Don't waste your money

    So my wife ran across this at home depot on sale for $70. I quickly checked Amazon and found it for much more so we went ahead and purchased it yesterday... and returned it today. Although a cool idea and a few of the "videos" we're cool, the projector itself is as cheap as they come. You can spent about the same money to purchase a "real" one that will do exactly the same thing at much higher quality. Don't be fooled by the advertising that this is made for decorations because although true that's all its good for for the same money as a real projector with a picture 10 times better. Also the included videos are very short and although a couple of them are okay they certainly aren't worth the extra price you're paying here. If you want to do something like this just buy a real projector and find or purchase the videos separately.

  • Kimberly C. Winslow - A must have for anyone that sews!

    Oh my goodness I wish I had ordered this a long time ago!!! The price on this is so beyond reasonable compared to anywhere else!!! Have the ability to measure and cut on my table without worrying about damage is so nice and makes what was tedious quite quick!

  • J. Susi - excellent choise

    Smart draw is an excellent choise when one needs an affordable and still good quality tool for doing engineering drawings. I have used different versions of smartdraw since 2003 and also other similar tools, but I always come back.

  • Amazon Customer - I highly recommend this product

    I was very nervous as I noticed a decrease in my milk supply. I took a pill in the evening since my daughter likes to cluster feed and the change was huge. I highly recommend this product. I am not taking the recommended amount. I only feel like I need one or two pills a day just depends on how my daughter is feeding that day. If you need to pump to build your supply definitely could see how the recommended pills/ day would help.

  • Amazon Customer - Not Surprised!!!!

    First this book is so pretty. From the cover to the chapter pages, can't wait to add it to my book shelf. Punk 57 just became my favorite book by P. I loved Ryen, from the beginning to the end, and Misha, everybody will love him. Of Course Pen gave us another amazing story. It really is a must read!!!

  • G G Tuens - nice gold bag, not yellow

    First, this bag would better be described as gold rather than yellow. It has pockets in pockets in pouches. Enough storage for most anything. Attached to one zipper is a plastic half-sphere ball marking template to draw lines and other stuff on your balls if you're into that sort of thing. It has a little pen holder pouch for your Sharpie too. It has a score card holder but interestingly no pencil holders. The feet snap in and out sharply and it appears to be very steady (unlike my last one which would fall over when someone sneezed). The single X carry strap is comfortable for a 2-shoulder carry but not as well designed for a 1-shoulder carry as dual carry strap designs. The sections are not all individually lined as the description implies but that's better than no liners. Manufacturers who make bags with no liners should include a hammer to get the clubs in the bag.