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Materials Research Society of Serbia - Home - Materials science and engineering cover the body of knowledge on the synthesis and processing of materials, their composition and structure, properties and behaviour, functions and potentialities, as well as the application of that knowledge to obtain various final products. Economic prosperity, life quality, and healthy environment are tightly connected with the improvements in the existing and the development of new materials and processing technologies. These improvements and development can contribute greatly to the national priorities: energy saving, environment and health protection, information and communication, infrastructure, transportation, etc.The First Conference on materials science and engineering, including physics, physical chemistry, condensed matter chemistry, and technology in general, was held in September 1995, in Herceg Novi. An initiative to establish Yugoslav Materials Research Society was born at the conference and, similar to other MR societies in the world, the programme was made and objectives determined. The Yugoslav Materials Research Society (Yu-MRS), a non-government and non-profit scientific association, was founded in 1997 to promote multidisciplinary goal-oriented research in materials science and engineering. The main task and objective of the Society are to encourage creativity in materials research and engineering to reach a harmonious coordination between achievements in this field in our country and similar activities worldwide with an aim to involve our country in global international projects. Until 2003, Conferences were held every second year and then they grew into annual conferences traditionally held in Herceg Novi, Montenegro, every year in September. Following the political separation between Serbia and Montenegro, in 2007 Yu-MRS formed two new societies: MRS-Serbia (official successor of Yu-MRS) and MRS-Montenegro (in founding).In 2008, MRS-Serbia became a member of FEMS (Federation of European Materials Societies).

  • 12th Pacific Rim Conference on Ceramic and Glass Technology (PACRIM 12), including Glass & Optical Materials Division Meeting (GOMD 2017) | The American Ceramic Society -   Meeting DescriptionPacific Rim Conference on Ceramic and Glass Technology is a bi-annual conference held in collaboration with the ceramic societies of the Pacific Rim countries - The Amer
  • Home - 5th International Conference on Multifunctional, Hybrid and Nanomaterials - Energy, the environment and human health have emerged as strategic priorities not only in research but in all aspects of our lives. Hybrid materials have already demonstrated good promise in addressing and offering solutions in each of these priority areas.
  • SIPS2016 - Welcome to the 2016 Sustainable Industrial Processing Summit and Exhibition. Following the previous rich tradition, the summit will cover 3 sustainability pillars: (1) Science, Technology and Industrial Practice, (2) Political and Social Framework and (3) Education.

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  • Wintermute - Not powerful enough to remove thinset with diamond cup attachment

    I bought this angle grinder to remove thinset and serve as a tile saw using the diamond cup and precision tile cutting blade from Dewalt. Unfortunately, after removing approximately 7 square feet of thinset mortar from the floor the motor slowed down and the tool started to smoke. The floor was wetted down and my wife had a vacuum on the grinding area to reduce dust, but these efforts did not stop the grinder from ingesting too much dust and burning up. The next model up in price has some dust abatement technology which makes it seem as though Dewalt is aware of the issue. I decided to purchase an 11 Amp Milwaukee 4.5 in angle grinder instead. The Milwaukee has a lot more power and can tolerate the dust unlike the Dewalt.

  • Katherine McGee - Worth every penny

    I came across this stuff at a spa after having a facial. I was pretty horrified by the cost, but the woman assured me I only needed a pea-sized dab to clean my face and neck. Well, she was right. This product is gentle, effective, and moisturizing and my skin has suffered far fewer breakouts than before I began using the gel wash a couple of years ago.

  • Helen Mazur - Bitdefender crashed my computer

    I purchased Bitdefender Internet Security yesterday, downloaded it immediately, and my computer crashed. Now they tell me I have to wait 48 hours until they figure out a fix. Since then I've been reading about how many people have had the same problem. If you look on google, there are a LOT of people making money charging for Bitdefender fixes. Now I'm stuck without a working computer until they send me a fix... IF they send me a fix. Don't make the same mistake I did. Research it better. You'll see how many people are complaining about this horrible program.

  • jNemes65 - things that make you go: "huuummmmmm"... all the other 5 star 🌟 reviews for this unit! Outstanding! I agree w/all the other 5 star 🌟 reviews...

  • DBee - Should be called scalp "rescuer" spray ...

    Will look forward to seeing the anti-hair thinning properties of this elixir. What I find amazing is that it has helped my scalp a great deal. I've tried a number of products, natural and pharmaceutical, to stop the irritation and flaking on my scalp. The first use of this product produced immediate relief and after using up the sample over a period of 3 weeks, I ordered, again. The nozzle on this version helps to deliver the product directly to the scalp, which makes application even easier. Once daily, after pulling my hair into a high bun, I spritz the product in 12 or so locations at the scalp and massage in.

  • WanderingEyes - the mexican herb

    It is okay for me, but my brothers love this stuff. It does soften the hair, but for me it too doesn't help my hair to the fullest extent because of my PCOS.

  • Mark A. Capuano - Used it a lot to design and build my house ...

    Used it a lot to design and build my house. Still use it as I'm finishing the basement. Never could get the knack of the landscaping features. Probably needed to buy the program specifically made for that function.