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Moduline Kitchen & Cabinet Makers | Cairns, Ingham & Townsville - Moduline - Moduline is a leading kitchen design and cabinet maker located in Cairns, Ingham & Townsville.

  • Cabinet Makers | Cabinetry | Cabinet Design | Townsville | Cairns | Ingham - Moduline - Choosing cabinetry and materials can be a very involved decision, but it doesn't have to be difficult. It makes sense to understand the ranges and different styles available in materials, finishes and associated hardware; and how those elements come together to create great design.
  • Cabinets | Cabinet Makers | Townsville | Cairns | Ingham - Moduline - While Moduline have a large range of cabinets in our library, we are always looking for the opportunity to customise cabinetry to your precise needs. Our advanced manufacturing facility which is heavily weighted with automated production equipment provides us the ability to manufactured customised solutions at an affordable price point.
  • Doors & Drawers | Kitchens | Cabinets | Townsville | Cairns | Ingham | veneers - Moduline - Moduline offer a wide range of door options for all sorts of joinery applications. Differing styles, colours, textures and profiles result in a mind-boggling array of choice.
  • Benchtop Products | Kitchens and Cabinets | Townsville | Cairns | Ingham - Moduline - When selecting a benchtop, range of choice is important – with so many varying tastes and styles to choose from it is important to find a product that matches your kitchen design. Moduline maintain a large range of benchtop styles ensuring you the ability to find that perfect benchtop.
  • Kitchen & Cabinet Hardware | Hardware Solutions | Townsville | Cairns | Ingham - Moduline - The term ‘Hardware’ is used to describe the various metal fittings incorporated into cabinetry. An enormous range of quality fittings are available on the market to ensure almost any storage solution can be met.
  • Furniture Handles | Kitchens & Cabinets | Townsville | Cairns | Ingham - Moduline - Adding finishing touches to your kitchen can have a big effect. Your choice of handle can change the look of your kitchen, from country to contemporary, farmhouse to minimalist. At moduline, we offer thousands of handles from several suppliers for you to choose from.
  • Kitchen Lighting | Kitchens & Cabinets | Townsville | Cairns | Ingham - Moduline - Moduline offer a range of lighting solutions and our designers are trained and experienced in creating effective lighting plans which support your kitchen design.
  • Care and Maintenance - Moduline - At moduline we are passionate about supplying quality products that are designed to last. We use Blum hardware as standard in our cabinetry, and quality materials that exceed Australian Standards for our carcasses and decorative panels.
  • Why Moduline | Cabinets & Kitchens | Townsville | Cairns | Ingham - Moduline - North Queensland’s largest cabinetmaker. Moduline specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of quality custom cabinets for your kitchen, bathroom, study, entertainment areas, and laundry, wardrobe and linen cabinets. Moduline services the North Queensland region.
  • Our Team | Employees | Contractors | Kitchens & Cabinets | Townsville | Cairns | Ingham - Moduline - Moduline offices are located in Townsville, Ingham, and Cairns with showrooms at each location. We employ designers, manufacturers and installers to service our clients throughout North Queensland.
  • Our Installers | Kitchens & Cabinets Installation | Townsville | Cairns | Ingham - Moduline - Installing your product is the final leg of the transformation and it is one of the most important, so we send you specialised, licensed installers who concentrate solely on the installation and finishing process.
  • Our Designers | Kitchens & Cabinets Design | Townsville | Cairns | Ingham - Moduline - Here at moduline we are very proud of our team of designers and the solutiions they produce for our many and varied clients. From cutting edge design, incoporating the latest design trends and materals, through to project management of complex builds our designers have a wealth of industry recognised experience to bring to your next project.
  • Our Facility | Kitchens & Cabinets Manufacturing | Townsville | Cairns | Ingham - Moduline - The moduline manufacturing facility is located in Ingham, Queensland and employs over fifty skilled tradesmen and apprentices. We were the first in North Queensland to introduce the European ‘System 32’ manufacturing system and the first to use dowelled cabinetry, the strongest way to manufacture quality affordable cabinets.
  • Our Suppliers | Kitchens & Cabinets Supply | Townsville | Cairns | Ingham - Moduline - As part of our approach to delivering fresh and innovative products to the market at affordable prices we work very closely with our suppliers. As testament to this we use a variety of top quality products as ‘standards’ in our cabinetry.We have partnered with like-minded industry leaders to ensure consistent access to cutting edge products.
  • Our Awards | Award Winning Kitchens & Cabinets | Townsville | Cairns | Ingham - Moduline - Every year Moduline proudly participates in the Housing Industry Association (HIA) Awards. The Housing Industry Association is Australia’s largest residential building organisation. Members include builders, trade contractors, design professionals, kitchen and bathroom specialists, manufacturers and suppliers.
  • Our Vision | Kitchens & Cabinets Design | Townsville | Cairns | Ingham - Moduline - We have over 50 years experience in the cabinet making industry. Our strong reputation has seen us become leaders in custom designed cabinetry.
  • Environmentally Friendly Manufacturing | Kitchens & Cupboards | Townsville | Cairns | Ingham - Moduline - Moduline is committed to pursuing the highest standard of environmental performance, consistent with maintaining our market position as a leader of quality products and customer service. Our goal is to conserve the environment for present and future generations.
  • Show Rooms and Displays | Kitchens & Cabinets | Townsville | Cairns | Ingham - Moduline - Our moduline team works hard with all of our suppliers to ensure that our showrooms and display kitchens represent a strong selection of what is available in the marketplace. You are very welcome to visit any of our showrooms or display kitchens around the region to get inspiration, ask for advice, or simply satisfy your curiosity.

    Country:, Oceania, AU

    City: 151.1982 New South Wales, Australia

  • Gail Laurilyn McCall - IdealShape Lite

    Shipping was fast and easy. Packaging is good. The taste of the product is okay and the consistency is good. The IdealLean seems to be a lighter version of the IdealShape, which I will be going back to because, in my experience, this product is not as filling, and does not provide equivalent appetite control for using as a meal replacement. For me, the reduction of 30 calories is not worth it.

  • Keb Shemp - 5 bucks down the toilet. Literally.

    Have you ever wondered where the expression "five bucks down the toilet" came from? It was first said by someone who bought CLR to clear up a toilet bowl ring. The stuff does nothing.

  • C Makoski - Much Better Alternative to LifeStraw

    Much better than LifeStraw. No straws or mouthpieces to worry about bacteria growing in and you can filter water and either drink it from GRAYL or pour it into any other container. The price is comparable with other bottles that do the same thing but the different filter options available are better than the other bottles. The only reason I didn't rate it 5 stars is that you have to use your body weight to press the water thru the filter. It works best to put it on the ground & press down. I can see this might be a problem for some people. There's also the possibility of debris falling into the water (because if you leave the top on there's no way for the air to escape and its almost impossible to push down). I would definitely recommend this product!

  • David Supplee - Great product, find a different seller though!

    The product is perfect - the seller, not so!!! I ordered the FLAT floor protector for my new Escape. Unfortunately, the seller felt it was cheaper to roll the FLAT piece into a 8" roll to fit into a 8" square box to ship. When it arrived, it was kinked and twisted - had to set in the sun for several days just for it to lay flat and it still has the kinks in it from being rolled up. Not cool.....

  • redeffects - perfect!

    last year after christmas my son bought himself a starwars lego advent callendar. What a deal that was. every day had a starshiop to build or figurine. so this year I bought him this advent callendar. it is far better than giving him candy each day and its great addition to his growing lego collection. My son looks forward to opening the window each day!

  • M. Harris - Poorly made, difficult to install, does not fit in Toyota Highlander

    Poorly made - the seat frame is made of cheap light plastic that does not seem like it will hold up in a crash. The buckle sticks and is hard to unlatch when installed. I seem to be one of the few who do not think that the fabric is "luxurious," it feels cheap and the cover is no easier to remove than any other car seat cover. I was sorely disappointed with the install - there are no built in levels, and after more than an hour my husband and I were still not able to get this car set level. We have a Toyota Highlander. Returning for the Chicco NextFit.

  • allen wu - This worst console I ever seen I bought one with out ...

    This worst console I ever seen I bought one with out window then game that I want Play steam os does not support the game I want to play unless window in it