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MIR-Method: Mental and Intuitive Reset - The MIR-Method is a Self Healing Method and is meant for everyone with emotional and physical complaints who like to heal themselves.

  • Free 10 questions Webinar with Mireille Mettes - MIR-Method - Free Q&A webinar of Mireille Mettes about the MIR-Method. Including doing the MIR-Method together with all the participants as a group healing. Register now!

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  • E. Hathcock - Dry hair

    I loved the, love, love it but found the shampoo to dry my hair out and causes it to be limp.

  • napanat - Known System Bug Prevents Install

    There is a known problem that generates an install error with the download version of quicken 2014. Their support is innundated with this problem right now so expect long wait times if you need tech support. I waited 30 minutes for live chat assistance and once I finally arrived at #1 in the Queue I received an error message that no one was available to chat and to try again later. I've been using quicken for years and am very disappointed that they would release something this poor quality. Don't buy this product until they get the bugs worked out.

  • Mason M. Colbert - Good Value for the Money

    I purchased my Sole E25 almost 4 years ago and it is still working perfectly. When I started using this machine I weighed 227 lbs (I now weigh about 200 lbs) so it has taken some punishment. I use it mainly during the winter months, when the weather is better I usually like to get outside and power walk or jog.

  • Daniel Baker - Great book!

    I read this book to my super smart 3-year-old. It kept his attention and made him smile. I will definitely read this book again as well as check out other titles from the same author.

  • TDBoston - Love my new router!

    Love my new router! I'm very pleased as the set up was easy and the signal strength is exceptional - updating also looks breezy, with the built-in touch/download. I did have to call customer service - which was excellent as I had trouble registering the device - the web address provided appears to have been not available - come to find out, you don't need to register the device in order for it to work, so if you're buying this unit, no worries! Just skip that part of the set up process. My last router (Cisco) lasted for about 5 years and I was very tempted to repurchase this brand, but I my signal is so much better with this unit! Very pleased with the purchase and I'm glad I took a chance on this new company - keep up the good work and the great customer service!

  • G. Dodd - Not much difference.

    I ordered this to help with whiteheads and overall exfoliation. I'm more than halfway through the tube and not much has changed. It really wasnt any more special than a basic face wash. There isnt a percentage listed of AHA/BHA properties. Theres a bullet that lists Salicylic, Lacticc and Glycolic Acids...yet these ingredients are the 14th, 15th, and 16th ingredient listed on the Ingredients block. Using the rest of this as a body wash while using something else more worth my money.