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Mineral County Health Department - Home - Mineral County Health Department provides basic public health services which assess, promote and protect the health status, environment and individual well-being that results in greater opportunity to enjoy a quality life in healthy communities throughout Mineral County.

  • Mineral County Health Department - About Us - Our Vision All county residents enjoy a safe environment and healthy quality of life in active, vibrant communities throughout Mineral County. Our Mission Mineral County Health Department provides basic public health services which assess, promote and protect the health status, environment and individual well-being that results in greater opportunity to enjoy a quality life in healthy communities throughout Mineral County.
  • Mineral County Health Department - Board of Health - The Mineral County Board of Health has been given the power and authority (under Chapter 16 of the West Virginia Code) to adopt, promulgate and amend Public Health Rules and Regulations, consistent with the laws of the State of WV, as may be necessary and proper for the protection of the general health of Mineral County, and the prevention of the introduction, propagation, and spread of disease.
  • Calendar of Events - LOOKING FOR THE LATEST CALENDAR OF EVENTS? LOOK NO FURTHER! We’re committed to providing you with the latest events to better serve you.
  • Mineral County Health Department - Disclaimer - The Mineral County Health Department appreciates you visiting our website. The intent of this site is to provide easy access of our services and to make us more available to the residents of Mineral County. This site contains links to other websites including governmental, private, and nonprofit organizations. These links are provided for informational and convenience purposes only. They are not an endorsement of content, policies, services, etc...
  • Mineral County Health Department - Job Opprtunities - Visit us here from time to time for the latest job opportunities concerning the Mineral County Health Department...
  • Mineral County Health Department - News and Notes - Visit us here from time to time for the latest news and notes concerning the Mineral County Health Department...
  • Mineral County Health Department - Resources - The Mineral County Health Department would like to provide you with additional resources for any additional questions you may have.
  • Mineral County Health Department - Contact Us - MINERAL COUNTY HEALTH DEPARTMENT Route 3 Box 3045 Harley O Staggers Sr Drive Keyser WV 26726 US PHONE: 1-304-788-1321 FAX: 1-304-788-6023 BUSINESS HOURS: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm Monday thru Friday CONTACTS: Charles Bess, MD, Health Officer A.Jay Root, RS, Administrator Cynthia Whitt, RN, Clinical John DelSignore, RS, Environmental A.Jay Root, RS, Preparedness
  • Mineral County Health Department - Services - Clinical, Environmental, and Preparedness Services available to Mineral County
  • Mineral County Health Department - Clinical - We offer a wide range of services that include blood pressure screening, breast and cervical cancer screening, communicable disease prevention, family planning, HIV/Aids testing and counseling, Immunizations, lab testing, STD testing and counseling, and tuberculosis screening
  • Mineral County Health Department - Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening Program - Public Health Nurses provide this clinic for under-insured women to screen for breast and cervical cancer. The women receive a pap smear according to the program schedule and breast exams. Referral for mammograms are provided based on age and/or need.
  • Mineral County Health Department - Communicable Disease - Involves outbreak investigation, reporting, and providing education to providers and the community.
  • Mineral County Health Department - Family Planning - Clinics are conducted by contracting clinicians for women for family planning services. The women are provided a pap smear, breast exam, appropriate laboratory testing and birth control supplies. The cost of the exam is minimal and the birth control supplies are free.
  • Mineral County Health Department - HealthCheck - Pediatric clinic that provides a comprehensive health and developmental assessment. The HealthCheck Program is responsible for seeking out Medicaid eligible individuals who are not enrolled in a managed care organization and informing them of the benefits of preventive pediatric health care and the health services and assistance available. In addition, HealthCheck is responsible for offering and providing (if requested and necessary) assistance with scheduling appointments for EPSDT care and services.
  • Mineral County Health Department - HIV/Aids Testing - Confidential and anonymous HIV/AIDS testing, diagnosis, and treatment. Counseling and prevention education provided. Provide referrals for treatment. This service is free of charge.
  • Mineral County Health Department - Immunizations - Immunizations for preventable childhood/adult diseases are available for eligible children and adults during our regular immunization clinic hours or by appointment. Limited adult vaccines available. Yearly flu clinics are conducted onsite and throughout the community by request.
  • Mineral County Health Department - Influenza - Seasonal Influenza Vaccination and information for all ages available during regular immunization clinics or by appointment.
  • Mineral County Health Department - STD Testing - Confidential counseling, screening and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases is offered by appointment.
  • Tuberculosis - PPD skin testing for exposure to TB. Free x-ray clinic for positive results and consult with physician through state program. Screening is provided during regular immunization clinics and by appointment. If you receive a TB test, you will need to return in 48-72 hours to have the test read. Case management services for positive skin tests and active TB includes treatment and follow-up as well as contact testing/treatment as necessary. Chest X-Ray’s provided by appointment only for follow-up TB test reactor or physician’s referral.
  • Mineral County Health Department - Dental - The Mineral County Health Department is now providing Dental Services for families located West Virginia and Maryland. The clinic will offer a wide array of preventative and restorative services. All forms of payment are accepted. We also provide options for qualifying individuals without insurance or the inability to pay.
  • Mineral County Health Department - Dental - Payment Options and Programs - All types of payment options are available. We also provide additional options for qualifying individuals without insurance or the inability to pay.
  • Mineral County Health Department - Environmental - The health department is tasked with ensuring the health and well-being of the citizens and visitors to our community. This is accomplished by educating the public, offering services, and by enforcing public health laws through the various permitted programs we offer and inspect.
  • Mineral County Health Department - Applications and Forms - Application and forms that pertain to Mineral County and West Virginia are available. All Applications and Forms are in PDF format and require that your computer be running Adobe® Acrobat Reader software.
  • Mineral County Health Department - Clean Air - This regulation bans smoking in all places that are frequented by the public in Mineral County, WV. This includes 100% of enclosed public places and outdoor public places including playgrounds, fairs and festivals. This Regulation, as amended, shall become effective October 1st, 2013.
  • Mineral County Health Department - Complaint Form - This online complaint form is provided as a tool for the citizens of Mineral County to initiate an investigation of complaints where public health laws may have been violated
  • Mineral County Health Department - Food Inspections - In an effort to increase awareness and improve services for the citizens of Mineral County, the Mineral County Health Department will publish Food Establishment Inspection Scores. The scores will be published to this website on a quarterly basis and remain here for a reference.
  • Mineral County Health Department - Food Safety - The State of West Virginia revised Legislative Rule 64CSR17 concerning Food Establishments. The new Rule adopts the 2005 FDA Model Food Code. Under this rule Local Health Departments are mandated to regulate restaurants, retail food stores, schools, hospitals, bars, day care centers, and any other permanent establishment dealing with food.

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