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MGRM Group - MGRM Products - MGRM Applications - MGRM specializes in recognizing the physical, psychological and social needs, rather than wants, of a person at every stage of the Human Life Cycle.

  • About Us - MGRM Services and Solutions - MGRM Holding Inc - MGRM is a Global Organization that specializes in creating products, services and solutions across multiple domains with a single minded focus on enriching the complete well-being of humanity.
  • Genesis- MGRM Products and Solutions - MGRM Holding Inc - MGRM created revolutionary technologies in different domains through the process of "Search and Research" and translated them into business opportunities.
  • Founder's Message - MGRM Holding Inc - This page shares the message from the Founder and Group Chairman of the MGRM Holding, Inc.
  • Our Vision and Mission - MGRM Holding Inc - MGRM delivers multi-dimensional, real time solutions combined with intangible values that help make an individual a complete personality.
  • Our Philosophy - MGRM Holding Inc - MGRM's unique philosophy addresses The Mission "To make an individual a complete personality ".
  • Leadership Team - MGRM Holding Inc - Leadership team of MGRM comprises of individuals with operational excellence, proven ability and potential to render business decisions in line with the organizational objectives
  • Our Strengths - E Governance solutions - MGRM Holding Inc - Across the world, countless satisfied customers are using MGRM’s physical rehabilitation or e-Governance solutions.
  • Historical Effort - MGRM Holding Inc - The myriad of research data and analysis from various domains and governance systems around the world enriches our offerings to be complete in all aspects.
  • Accomplishments - Company Milestones - MGRM Holding Inc - Established over 25 years ago, MGRM Group of Companies has accomplished various milestones in different domains of operations.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility - MGRM Holding Inc - MGRM takes pride in its overall corporate vision, mission and objectives, existing to serve the larger cause, inarguably making the company a genuinely responsible corporate citizen
  • Multi Domains - M-Star Governance - MGRM Holding Inc - MGRM has developed products, services and solutions that successfully address the e-Governance needs of various domains.
  • Education Expert Systems - M-Star Systems - MGRM Holding Inc - M-Star Systems are E-governance compliant, OmVcard driven, integrated applications for schools, colleges, universities, and other educational institutions.
  • Healthcare Solutions - Health Expert System - MGRM Holding Inc - These healthcare solutions facilitate seamless and uniform health guidelines to be followed across all the boundaries.
  • Pharmaceutical Expert System - M Pharma - MGRM Holding Inc - M-Pharma provides the necessary global resources & technologies to the pharmaceutical industry to improve its manufacturing and distribution processes.
  • Automobile and Consumer Portal - MGRM Holding Inc - M-Auto is affordable, user-friendly and fully integrated and addresses all needs of clients starting a new dealership or expanding an existing business.
  • Insurance Expert System - MGRM Holding Inc - The components of the Insurance Expert Systems developed by MGRM consist of core modules directly addressing the needs of the insurance industry.
  • Research and Development Wing - MGRM Holding Inc - The exhaustive and intensive research spanning more than three decades is the core of MGRM and our offerings.
  • M Labs - Research and Development - MGRM Holding Inc - M LABS personnel perform the Research and Development that ultimately leads to the pioneering technologies developed by MGRM Holding.
  • Recognitions - MGRM Holding Inc - MGRM products, services, and solutions adhere to international standards. MGRM is the only company empanelled with NICSI for providing IT Services in Education domain
  • MGRM Partner Programs - MGRM Holding Inc - If you are interested in partnering with MGRM please fill the Partnership Contact Form.
  • News - MGRM Inc - Learn more about MGRM Holding Inc in the news, press releases, blogs and media relations.
  • News and Media Center - MGRM Inc - MGRM Holding Inc News and Media Center- Designed to give you immediate access to timely and relevant information about our company
  • Career Opportunities - MGRM Inc - At MGRM, you will not only be working in an environment where you will be challenged every day but also you keep meeting the bench marks regularly.
  • 3D Impact - Social Rehabilitation - MGRM Holding Inc - MGRM seeks a three Dimensional paradigm to address the service of mankind, namely - Physical, Psychological and Social Rehabilitation.
  • Ultimate Rehabilitation - MGRM Holding Inc - Ultimate Rehabilitation for the human race is one that can recognize and simultaneously encompass all the above elements that make an individual a complete personality
  • Complete Personality - MGRM Holding Inc - The whole process of Ultimate Rehabilitation leading to an individual to become a complete personality is closely related to our day to day living.
  • Multi Completeness - Multi-Completeness Platform - MGRM - Multi-Completeness Platform takes care of the life-cycle stages at each stage of Information, Interaction, Transaction and Transformation with pre & post-validations and checks
  • Master Governance Platform - Good Governance - MGRM Holding Inc - MGRM Master Governance Platform or M-Gov is unique and perhaps the only platform of its kind anywhere in the world that delivers all these and more.

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