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  • C. Jones - Really cleans floors easily!!!

    I got tired of the dirty edges along my walls from using the wet jet mop and pads. I was just moving dirt around and not really picking a bunch up. Turns out I wasn't using the right tool for the job! I had to empty the water bucket a lot the first time I used this.... but now the difference in my floors is AMAZING! No more dirty floor edges to spray and clean up with a paper towel... (ewww!) Now I use this mop, a bucket of water and swish around, scrubbing the edges and the whole floor is clean. It picks up all the dirt, when the water gets dirty, change it out and the job gets easier and easier as you use the mop! Now one bucket of water cleans the whole floor once a week... I have 3 inside dogs and 2 cats.... I even ordered a spare one so I could throw one in the washer while I use the other to never miss a time I want to clean the floors.

  • Wayne Tibbit - Love it! Here is a hint for Echo owners

    The new Echo compatibility works very well and allows grouping controllers under a single group name. I just set up three controllers and now I can say "Alexa, turn on the living room lights" and viola, they're on! Much easier than finding each lamp's on/off switch on a cord behind a piece of furniture. I can also schedule them to turn on and off when we're away from home.

  • Chris - It worked perfect and made the monitor mountable

    It worked perfect and made the monitor mountable. No problems whatsoever, just keep in mind if you were having it sit on the desk and now want to mount it, it might be closer to you than you anticipate.

  • Amazon Customer - Best floor scrubber!!

    I used this for the first time yesterday and am totally in love with it! We have "textured/contoured" tile (which means grout) and some concrete floors and this cleaned them both beautifully. I can't truly review on the grout cleaning as we have coffee colored grout around our lighter colored tile so it never shows the dirt, but this machine did manage to get it clean, but our grout is not that deep.

  • Ebco - Warning label does not advise of discoloration

    I purchased this from a drugstore without reading any reviews because I thought that it was a simple fix to a simple issue. I wear heels daily and developed calluses on the outside of my big toes and pinky toes. After using the discs in all 4 areas for 2 days, I removed them and found that the calluses as well as the area all around them were white. I assumed that it was a part of the process, but before putting on new discs, I checked other sites and found that the discoloration is common and for those with pigmented skin it could be permanent. While the callus may come off, the patch does shift a little while being worn, which turns more than just the bad area white. Fortunately, I found this out before extensive use, but even after 48 hours, there is damage that I'm uncertain can be undone.

  • Brandon Kelley - Like using scissors to cut paper!

    Let me start by saying that I received these items for a discount in return for writing a review about it.