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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome | ME CFS Treatment - Understanding and Diagnosing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Outlines how to build your own recovery programme on exactly the same structure as that used by Dr Smith’s own patients.

  • Management - Treatment - Recovery | ME CFS Treatment - The Background To My Work On Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. A Treatable And Potentially Curable Disorder Using Conventional Medical Approaches
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  • Rachel - Pelvic pain and menstruation clots are gone

    I tried this, as well as another brand. I got the other brand from my health food store. I take about 5 pills a day at 500 mg per pill for each. However, I noticed a bigger difference with this product. Within less than 2 months the clots disappeared for my monthlies. The weirdest thing was when I took at least 5 a day at first, my menstruation was only 3 days and it was very light. Normally it looks like I committed several murders, so that was a nice change. On the second month I noticed the weakness and throbbing pain was gone. I had an ovary taken out because of a cyst so large it almost burst. I still have pain on that side though, which is odd...because the cyst is gone as is the ovary. However, once I started taking this turmeric pill it's subsided substantially within the past 2 months. I've noticed a real change in my interior girl parts that none of us know what's happening without getting poked and prodded by a doctor.

  • Acid - Great sunglasses, classic, retro.

    They feel and look great. The brown color really got me, everything looks very warm in this color. It feels like you're dimming the light, while with other colors the sensation is of darkening the whole panorama...and we drivers do not like this.

  • Ricky - Yuck too sweet

    Bought this item for my wife and she hated the taste. Used twice one time with milk and second time with water both times she complained that it was toooooo sweet. I thought this was sugar free doesn't feel that ways when you try. Wish I could return it