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Portada - programa de formaciĆ³n permanente de la Universitat Jaume I - Universitat per a Majors (Universidad para mayores)

Country:, Europe, ES

City: -0.0392 Castellon, Spain

  • francisco - fit comfortable using the correct of rubber fr your ear

    When I received this I saw all the pieces it came with and I was confuse. but all pieces have their use. Different sizes in ear rubbers, 2 types of plastic around your ear to hold the headset. fit comfortable using the correct of rubber fr your ear. The volume is a little low for me but people didn't complain about noise or low volume, just in my side I will like 10%. music can be hear, sound good.

  • Rain55 - Great for Vista

    Only 4 stars because it's WAY too expensive. But it's uppababy so I am not surprised. Anyway, it works great for the Vista and is not too high. If you have to use the adapters (which you would have to for the Cruz) it would definitely sit way too high. But my son is 10 months old and he loves eating snacks out of the tray when we go to the mall.

  • M. A. Love - Rather disappointed

    I didn't realize when I bought this that it wasn't the original recording. I listened to this a zillion times in the 70's and love it. This version has the very same cover as the original, that's why I bought it. The cover makes absolutely no mention that it's been re-casted, you have to go to the booklet to find out that the cast is different. I'm rather disappointed and I'll definitely get a copy of the "real" thing.

  • Kris - I did not taste anything as far as seasoning. It just tasted like meat. Easier to chew than regular jerky

    I tried this jerky and It was ok. I did not taste anything as far as seasoning. It just tasted like meat. I did like the texture was much softer than normal beef jerky, much less easier to eat, but then after I opened the bag I received on 9/23 I noticed it had a sticker on it dated 9/20/16. This looked like an expiration sticker to me and I contacted the company and they said they will send me a new bag. They also said the sticker on the bag is for the date they bagged it. They probably should make that clear on the sticker. customer service seemed helpful so I am currently waiting for the replacement bag to try to see if this will taste and better.

  • Hannah Parker - Dugoni has done it again

    A quick read that really just sets the tone of who Tracy Crosswhite is and how amazing Dugoni is at characterization. Fall in love with Tracy as a strong female lead and read "my sister's grave" and "her final breath" and fall in love with everything Dugoni writes.