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  • K. Carnes - Great Product When Properly Applied by A Dealer

    I cannot speak to the Bad Customer Service or Warranty about this Product but I can speak to the quality of this Product. For Those who are Writing Bad Reviews about the Quality of this Product, I can tell you that if the Dealership is "cheating" and not properly applying this product by 1) Not applying 2 coats as they should or 2) not applying a smooth or full application of this product across your entire car then your entire car will not be properly protected from bugs and bird droppings. So before thinking that there are Product Issues, you should be going after your Dealership and making them Reapply It at their Expense a/s/a/p.

  • Marie M. - Did not work for me

    My acne is fairly tough, it is moderate to severe, my skin is not sensitive at all so I need an intense routine to keep everything at bay. After much research and YouTube reviews I decided to go ahead and give it a try, mind you I bought this system when the regiment first came out and was still pretty uncommon, there were different labels on the bottles but I believe it was the same formula as now. I followed everything precisely but somehow came out with even more acne than I had started with?!? It was quite disappointing having yet another system fail to help rid my face of acne. I feel as though I did give this regiment a fair shot, I used it for months and some days would be okay while others were horrendous, big swollen red acne like I had never had before, it was quite a depressing experience. After finally giving up I eventually found the right cleansers, toners and moisturizers that worked for me. I incorporated the benzoyl peroxide treatment from the regiment into my own routine as well as being put on birth control and I am happy to say that I'm now acne free.

  • Amazon Customer - Useful

    The week I was flying out of the country, I decided to buy this power bank. After a bit of tinkering, this turned out to be a great and useful purchase. Upon arrival, it instructs to be fully charged before usage. I connected the cable to an iPhone adapter and charged the bank for over 5 hours. There are 4 lights that estimate the level of charge and frustrated, it stayed unmoving and not charging at the 1st light. I switched the cable to my laptop to charge - no luck. I finally connected the cable to an iPad wall adapter and the power bank began to fully charge. Overall, it works great, my phone charges quickly, and I do not mind the weight of it at all.

  • Anne T. Stefanoski - aveda

    Exactly what I wanted. The package arrived on time and the product is as I expected it to be. Thanks.

  • Notorious D.D.D. - Good prevention.

    I can't give this product 5 stars because I'm using it as a prevention against Alzheimer's. The only way I could really KNOW it works is if I had Alzheimer's and this product stopped it. I could take this product every day, live to be 100 years old and never develop Alzheimer's, but even then I wouldn't know for sure if the product prevented it, or was I never really at risk at all! But, the research sounds good and I'm willing to risk 40 cents a day hoping the research is correct!

  • An Innocent Bystander - Great quality golf bag

    When I decided to order something grand,and something very high quality, I decided right away on Ping. I bought the Ping Pioneer. Opening the box was like xmas morning. This is one beautiful thing. I got the white/charcoal/electric blue 2012 model. It's a thing of beauty, totally professional level. Lots of pockets. Love the "cooler pocket", will take an ice pack and a couple drinks easily. The velour lined pockets for your watch and keys is a nice addition. It's got everything you will need, and is of the highest quality. You better make sure you can hit the ball because if you show up with this bag, you better be able to back it up. You never looked so good. It will be the best looking bag on the course. You won't regret buying this. Ping is my only choice for all things golf. Do not hesitate! Go for it!

  • ABRAHAM - Your Income TaX

    I order "Your Income Tax 2013" every year for preparing my income tax return. I hope everyone may order this book. This is a good book for everybody wants to prepare his or her income tax. Thank you very much.